August 16, 2017

Second Take: Five Thoughts on Bengals/Steelers

1. This was a sad performance by the Bengals. Sad. Way sad. Pittsburgh was missing its top two running backs, its best defensive player, and its best offensive linemen. And yet, the Steelers dominated Cincinnati in the second half of a home game. Perhaps you could understand losing a game on a late field goal, but this was nothing of the sort. It was a butt whuppin. And sadly, Bengals fans have seen this before.

2. Rey Maualuga appeared to struggle mightily, often getting engulfed by Steelers blockers. As I  discussed with a friend, Vontaze Burfict seems to be a better fit at middle backer if he can handle its responsibilities. He’s around the football much more frequently and plays with more fire than Rey.

3. Marvin Lewis’ second challenge was a risky move, but an understandable one. His first one, however, was all too typical of his coaching tenure. The challenge on a two-yard gain (Lewis likely was hoping for a fumble) cost Cincinnati a timeout that could have been used later in the game, and continues a troubling history with the red flag. He’d be better off delegating the challenge responsibility to someone else.

4. I can’t help but wonder if Marvin Jones would have made a difference in last night’s game. Ryan Whalen had several catches opposite A.J. Green, but none were game breakers. If Jones would have been on the field, he could have feasted on the single coverage the Steelers were employing.

5. Cincinnati’s injured players need to return quickly if there is any legitimate hope for the rest of the season. Pat Sims could help the run defense and the Bengals desperately need an infusion of speed in the secondary. Dre Kirkpatrick and Jason Allen, who’s been banged up most of the season, could stabilize the back end. On offense, Kyle Cook is still a few weeks away from returning, but he could provide a significant boost in both blocking and leadership. Cincinnati’s early schedule was considered the easy part, but if the team’s health detereriorates further, the second half could get ugly considering the present quality of play.

It’s back to what we do best Bengals fans, taking beatings and collecting ourselves for another Sunday. Fortunately, the bye week should improve the team’s health, but Peyton Manning and the Broncos are waiting on the other side of it.

That game will decide the season. Another loss there and it’s unrealistic to expect a playoff berth considering the competition that lies ahead.

Time to regroup – and find a way to be better on the other side.



  1. I still think that Marvin has lived past his prime. He has no fire or passion to win that he asks of his players. At least not displaying it. Marvin hasn’t been that firey head coach since the first playoff lose where the locker room fight happened.

  2. Marvin Lewis has no energy or fire anymore. He is way past his prime and needs to be removed from his role. The only issue is that Brown will just replace him with another poor excuse for a coach. Someone that he can get for the lowest amount possible and with the least amount of backbone/experience. That has always been our problem and always will until he wakes up and makes the correction or sells the team. We have a great oppertunity with Green and Dalton to become a top ranked team that has an actual shot and making it to the big game. Its sad to see yet another group of your stars loose their shot at making somehting out of themselves in the black hole we all know as Cincinnati.

  3. 6stripes4life says:

    Last night was the roughest night on my fanhood in recent memory. Do you remember during the 06 or 07 season when Chad Johnson was openly crying after the loss on camera because he believed the days of losing games we were should win was over. That’s how I felt last night, I see draft pick after draft pick get put on the back burner for inferior talent that’s only advantage is experience. It feel like a job race where you are more talented but people will not allow you to get the experience you need and that they also request. We dont attack after turnovers, we have no since of urgency and our play calling seems based out of fear. Im sick of being sick, but I been a Bengals fan to long to stop now. All we have is names from yester year taking jobs away from the talent of today. We dont need Pacman we need Call of Duty! We need dont need Newman we need new men! But somethings never change and thats we we get for our hope… displacement of faith in failing franchise. I need a drink.

  4. johnfromkentucky says:

    If Marvin Lewis or Rey Maualuga are back next season then I sure as hell won’t be. Enough is enough. I will certainly find better things to do with my money. I took six people to the game last night and I was the only one of the group who was wearing a bengal jersey besides my son. I felt stupid by the end of the game to tell you the truth. Oh and by the way where is the play action? The wildcat? The faked punt? The faked field goal? These plays looked great against Washington and Jacksonville. Last night the bengal offense in the second half looked like my 8 year old nephew playing Madden 2013. Seriously…what a joke!