July 22, 2017

Bengals forget there are two halves to football games

At times this season the Bengals have looked pretty good. At times in almost every game the Bengals have looked pretty good. These times are usually in the first half of games. Week after week we see the Bengals squander the good play of the first half for absolutely miserable play in the second.

Week 1:
The Bengals faced a Ravens team that was looking to set the tone early. After spotting the Ravens 10 points the Bengals scored 10 in the second quarter and a quick 3 in the third to cut the lead to 4. After that the Ravens answered with TD, FG, TD, TD, FG. 27 unanswered points after the half.

Week 2:
The Bengals took their lead in the first half and then traded scores with the Browns the entire second half.

Week 3:
After jumping to a 24 to 10 lead in the first half, the Bengals give up 17 in the second half to make this game more interesting than it should have been.

Week 4:
The Bengals beat the Jaguars all day. Their best game to date.

Week 5:
Giving up 10 in the third quarter to the Dolphins proved to be too much for this team to overcome. At home. Pathetic.

Week 6:
Up a TD at the half, the Bengals get outscored 27 to 10 in the second half by the winless Browns.

Week 7:
Had a 14 to 3 lead that was squandered before the half. Then getting embarassed on national TV at home in the second half against the Steelers. 60 yds of offense the entire second half.
For those keeping track, that is being outscores 109 to 64 in the second half this season. What are the adjustments being made at the half (or lack thereof)? I understand the players need to play, and the Bengals have some injuries at some key positions. All NFL teams face injuries and it is on the coaching staff to prepare their athletes to compete for both halves. The Cincinnati Bengals coaches have failed to do that all season. This has to change.
The nail in the coffin for me was running up the middle two times on your last posession in your own territory. Gutless calls from coaches who may not be as talented as once thought.
So moving on…

Then I switch to the fans. The ever passionate fans. I love reading your thoughts on the site, Twitter, Facebook and the web. I really love when you come at me with insight and maybe even present things I have not considered. Like Hogan from Moscow who wrote me and said:

You simply can’t win over a season unless you take the game to the next level, not only physically but also mentally. Obviously this requires players to take the extra responsibility before and dring the game read R Lewis, B Urlacher, D Brees, but it also comes from the coaching staff. Being conservative in your coaching approach might be good if you have a mature and complete team secure in their roles but if you are managing a team in growth mode with many new faces each year, I think it rather puts limits to the team’s ability to develop to the next level and grow confidence. Wha happened in the last minutes of the first half against the Browns where the offense was moving the ball very well and then they were purposely slowed down by Marvin in order to run the clock and not score with too much time before the half, is contra productive for your offense and shows no confidence in your defense which has clearly picked up their game during the last three weeks a least.

Hit the nail on the head there (although I do think you may have mistook me for Kurt)…

And then you get wisdom like this from someone on twitter:

@maualuga58 you are awful…you play with no heart, you are out of shape, you look like a chicken with your head cut off..list goes on

Trust me, I selected a tame one. Social media gives everyday fans access to the players they root for. A lot of you can not handle this. Why would Rey Maualuga give a shit that you critique him on Twitter? I bet they care even less when you insulte them, their families or threaten them (all happened on Sunday). All you succeed in doing is encouraging them to put their back up to all fans and everyone loses.

Look root for the Bengals or don’t root for the Bengals. Like the players or don’t like the players. Just try to understand that even if Rey is playing poorly (he is), this in no way affects the Bengals inability to run the ball or crumble in the second half. So picking on one player, as clever as you think you are, does no good.


  1. I would agree, and I was screaming at Rey for how terrible he was playing! That is in the privacy of my own home and I do not wish any ill will on him. I am tired of mediocre running backs looking like stars against the Bengals, and of course a mediocre (at best) Steeler team comes into Cincy and beats us like a drum. Same old, same old.

    • johnfromkentucky says:

      There are a lot of problems on this team. It stretches from the owner to the players to the city of Cincinnati. Maualuga is a joke and should have been cut after last season. Marvin Lewis needs to be fired also. I could go on allnight. However the silver lining is that Bengal tickets are going to get cheaper and available. WHO DEY

  2. johnfromkentucky says:

    P.S. They are already avaiable. They might be free before Mike Brown is finished. WHO DEY

  3. Mike the Brit says:

    Here here, especially regarding the second half of the post.