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From across the pond part 3

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  1. johnfromkentucky says:

    The International Series could be even better if Mike Brown would relocate his team to the UK. That would give Britain its first NFL franchise. Then Cincinnati could pressure the NFL for a new team. People say the UK is a beautiful country and Brown could retire there. Sounds like a plan. AJ Green shouldn’t be on Madden covers as long as he fools with the Bengals. Maybe he could hire the BJGE firm to prevent it from happening.

    1. Mike the Brit says:

      johnfromkentucky, a very funny response! I’m not quite sure about Britain as a retirement destination, I thought most Americans ran out the clock in Florida? On the subject of a UK franchise, I don’t think it’s logistically possible. The time difference would be a major factor and enticing college graduates to move from the States to Britain would be difficult. Finally, all of the fans support a stateside team first, personally I’d like a UK franchise to do well but i’m a Bengals fan 1st.