Peyton Manning VS The Bengals

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  1. Mike the Brit says:

    Forcing Manning to throw for long completions is another area we need to exploit. Peyton has lost a deal of arm strength following his four surgeries but the football brain remains as potent as ever, it would be productive of the Bengals to get sheer physical with the Denver line and take out our frustrations on Manning.

  2. Number 1 Fan says:

    Mike, I have heard all of the arm strength stuff from Manning but I also know he is smart enough to know what he can’t do. We agree that if you force him out of what he is comfortable with it could be trouble.

  3. Orville says:

    I agree with the “get imaginative” need to show Denver some different plays then what they’ve seen. If we could get the whole team to play with the energy that Burfict plays with we would be on our way to the Super Bowl. Oh, and what about that first round draft pick? Is he going to play this year? This team is suppose to represent a Bengal Tiger, but are playing like Morris the cat. You don’t really have 9 lives. Get Mean!!!

  4. Mr Elway says:

    The whole Manning “arm strength issues” is garbage…bunk. Trust me on this one. Just watch the highlights. He is throwing deep all the time and right on the money. And if he is throwing deep it usually means D Thomas is behind someone and you just went down another score. If Atkins plays his best game of the year and can disrupt the game without bringing blitzes or if the offense can generate some sustained drives and keep manning off the field you have a chance. you dont any part of a shootout, and you definitley dont want to get down more than 2 scores or its over. If you invite Manning to throw deep balls you are in deep sh1t.

    1. Number 1 Fan says:

      I am not a fan of the horse faced mongloid, but he is right. Manning is fine, his arm is fine. He is throwing just as well as I can remember ever seeing him throw.

      A shootout is not what the Bengals want to get into, we can not compete with the Broncos on this level.