Bye Bye…

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  1. John says:

    And since I am not a third grader and have watched this team since 1974 (when I was 4 and they made a 4 year old cry) I know that tomorrow is another day. I also know that my eyes don’t lie, Dalton has not played well for more than two weeks, he looked bad on some throws in his 300 yd days and I was worried. Maualuga is terrible! He overruns plays, picks the wrong gaps, I have been a “I trust Marvin” guy, mainly because I saw this organization hire Dave @#% Shula! Cmon, can we please stop looking like a bunch of clowns. But, as usual I will be in front of the TV in Laveen, AZ watching Sunday Ticket with my Dad, like we always do, I just hope it is not the “Sunday, Bloody Sunday” that I think it is going to be. Who DEY!