July 25, 2017

Could there be a Dre sighting this weekend?

Marvin Lewis hinted before the bye week that Dre Kirkpatrick could see the field after the bye week. I have no doubt he is physically able to play. A source who has talked with the DB confirmed that Dre is in fact healthy and questions himself why he has not been on the field. Knowing that and the fact that the Bengals are going to need as much help as possible facing one of the leagues best passers, you could assume that Dre will make an appearance this weekend.

That being said, I do not put it past this coaching staff to look past a young player to favor the vet. They have shown in the past that they put too much value on experience rather than playing the younger players. I mean, why would you play your first round draft pick when you have former first rounders on the field that make the same mistakes as rookies?

Wouldn’t it be nice to start the kid and have his first pick come from the hands of a future hall of famer?