May 29, 2016

WDW Episode 84 – What Was That???

The Who-Dey Weekly Podcast is a finalist for the 2nd consecutive year. They will go up against 4 ESPN produced podcasts and 1 CBS produced podcast.

Well who saw that coming? We sure didn’t. 13 points against the Dolphins is all the Bengals could muster up? Andy Dalton looked flat, the receivers looked flat, the running game looked, well, non-existent. Hopefully the Bengals get their act together and there’s no better medicine than playing the Cleveland Browns. Don’t forget to nominate [...]

A little off…


Ok…so the title of the article is wrong…there is more than a little off.  It’s called A LOT.  We’re 3-2 and somehow still 2nd in the division (but that’s only because Pittsburgh already had their bye) behind the Ravens who are pulling away fast.  We’ve got more bad news in the form of injuries and [...]

Please Nominate Who-Dey Weekly for the 2012 Podcast Awards

The Who-Dey Weekly Podcast is a finalist for the 2nd consecutive year. They will go up against 4 ESPN produced podcasts and 1 CBS produced podcast.

If you get a chance, please nominate our podcast, Who-Dey Weekly, for the 2012 Podcast Awards. Here’s instructions on how to do it. Simply logon to to nominate NOW! You have until October 15th so get your nominations in!

Dolphins-Bengals Inactives


As the Bengals prepare to face the Dolphins at PBS in about 30 minutes, here’s a quick glance at the inactives. The Bengals are sitting some of the usual suspects, particularly DB’s Dre Kirkpatrick and Jason Allen, both of whom are still recovering from injuries.  They’ve been down pretty much all year, so its no [...]

Let’s fry some fish…


It has been super busy here.  I’m sure all of you are wondering, “Hey Kurt.  Where have you been?  We’ve been eagerly awaiting your article!”  Well everyone, I’ve been getting busy with school, moving into a new house, and painting.  Needless to say I’ve been occupying my time.  But let’s get to football before I [...]

From across the pond, part 1


I’ll try to write a column a week, maybe for a Thursday but more than likely a Friday The Bengals entertain the Dolphins this Sunday, sadly or not so sadly for some there will be no reunion between the Bengals and Chad Johnson/Ochocinco or whatever he calls himself  now. Instead Tannehill, Hartline and the Bush [...]

Week Four Hit List

hit list

  Believe it or not, 25% of the NFL regular season is already in the books, and at the quarter pole, your Bengals are an impressive 3-1.  After the utter carnage of the opener, the last three weeks have been welcomed.  Sunday’s 27-10 dismantling of the Jacksonville Jaguars looked a lot like maturation for these [...]

Five Keys: Week Four Postmortem

AJ Beats JAX

Sunday’s win in Jacksonville was the most convincing yet for the Bengals, and to me it showed a great deal of growth for the club.  Despite being down four cornerbacks and facing perhaps the best running back in football, the Bengals completely shut down the Jaguars in Jacksonville.  3-1 sure feels good. Let’s see how the [...]