Rebuttal to CincyJungle – Should Lewis be fired?

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  1. Tom Abt says:

    So I grew up in Cincinnati during the 70’s and have been a life long fan of all things Cincinnati even though I currently reside in Los Angeles. I have seen the Bengals being coached at their absolute best (Wyche, Gregg and Lewis) and at their worst (Rice, Shula, Coslet). So I guess what I am getting at is though I am no expert, I have certainly witnessed failure on a grand scale and great deal of success, although without a Super Bowl win by any coach. The thing about Marvin, and I have always been a fan, is that he has put together a very solid record when you consider all the head wind he has had to deal with. And everyone knows what I am talking about (crappy owner, T.O., Chad, arrests, bad luck in the draft, etc.). He and his staff get production from players that other coaches have given up on, he is a great motivator. But that only gets you so far, that allows you to compete most weeks against teams you should compete against. And as we have seen from his tenure the team hasn’t been able to get past that hump and win a playoff game. But my question is can anyone do better? Could a Bill Cowher or someone like him get the job done? They have underachieved so far this year and he continues to make those stellar challenges so maybe it is time for a change. 7-9 this year looks realistic, which in my book should probably get him canned. Let Zimmer have a go at it!

  2. Anthony Helfenstine says:

    While i agree something needs to be done.I think you keep marvin in some sort of capacity,maybe like GM.
    i love his player personal decisions,which means i like the players he has drafted and some of the f.a pickups.
    and then maybe move zimmer or gurden to head coach.i just think he is the right person to deal with mike brown and katie.he tends to find that one or two players in the draft that tend to play very well for us,but i have to agree i question his role as a head about the last nine years,i tend to think alot of that was mike brown,he did want henry here and would not trade chad(even for 2 1st).now with mike hopfully stepping away in a few years..maybe he can flex his personal decisions that made him a great cordinator in balitmore.
    sorry about the layout..not very good at writing

  3. Number 1 Fan says:

    I wouldn’t have a problem with Marvin as a Gm. I like Marvin and will always think fondly about how he made this team better. However, I think his time has run its course and we need a change.

  4. johnfromkentucky says:

    I have seen this guy for the last 9 years and quite frankly I am nothing but bored with him. I don’t want to read any more of his press releases nor do I really want to hear anything he has to say. The Marvin Lewis era has come to an end and it’s just time to put a new product on the shelf. I have been a Bengals fan for years however next season I am going to watch Cleveland if Marvin Lewis is still in Cincinnati. The Browns have a new owner and I find that exciting to be honest. They also are not afraid to fire people unlike Cincinnati. Come on Mr. Brown just put something new on the menu for a change. Marvin should be considered for GM. WHO DEY.

  5. Michael King says:

    my problem is with a sucky owner what great or even good coach will want to come here? If you think we can get rid of lewis and pick up a cower without getting a gm your mistaken. the only organizations that dont have a gm are the bengals and cowboys and look how that has been going? the problem is we need an owner change before we can upgrade at coach in where, we could upgrade lewis to gm and the either promote inside or get a great coach. Even though I was little I remember very vaguely the memories of coaches way worse than marvin and dont want to be alive for the next 20 year losing season streak as we hire bad coaches and people who are family of great coaches but arnt great. In those year we had multiple times of drafting first multiple times and still couldnt win. I would say lewis needs to clean house with most of his staff such as alexander who used to be a great oline coach but is outdated. Also having more than 4 scouts would be a way to improve chances of not picking bad players. My final point is do you trust marvin lewis who has shown average or mike brown (who will pick the next coach) and has shown a history of picking losers?

  6. Lee says:

    I’ve actually been a supporter of lewis for a long time since he’s been here. But enough is enough. He’s had a chance. Whether M. Brown has given him the everything he’s needed to succeed is another question. Time to move on.