June 24, 2017

Tecmo Bowl Futures – Bengals Vs Broncos

This week the Bengals host the Broncos. Lets see how Tecmo thinks the game is going to shake out.

After receiving the ball, the Broncos are forced to punt.

Some lackluster offense from the Bengals has the stripes punting it right back.

And then another punt. At the end of one nothing has really happened.

Punting is the skill that is being tested today.

The Bengals manage to move the ball down the field with some running and attempt a long field goal.

As the Broncos look to score to end the half they fumble in the red zone and the Bengals recover.

Notice at the half the Bengals have no completed passes.

In the third Manning finds McGahee for a TD.

Finally with 1:23 left in the third, AJ Green catches a pass for a long gain and the Bengals are able to put 3 on the board.

At the end of 3 it is 7-3. Leon Hall picks off Manning to start the 4th.

The Bengals go for it on 4th down and fail to complete the pass. Turnover on downs.

Manning hits a huge completion to Thomas and the Broncos score again on a pass to Tamme.

Dalton throws a pick and the Broncos attempt to run out the clock.

Some good D-line play late is not enough to overcome the deficit.

Pretty miserable day for the Bengals offense. Lets hope the real game plays out a little different.