July 27, 2017

What they say in Denver about the win

The focus in the Denver Post is that of Champ Bailey and AJ Green. Of course it is a Denver paper so they praise Bailey as shutting down AJ at key moments (like when Dalton under throws the ball). Bailey got beat by AJ flat out. If the Bengals had anything else to test the Broncos D then they would have won this game. As it stands the playbook should look like this from here on out:

The post did have some quotes from post game:

“We knew Champ was up to the challenge,” Denver cornerback Chris Harris said. “A.J. Green is great. He won some battles. We knew he would. But Champ won the war.”

99 yds and a TD is not winning a war. AJ had a great day against one of the top corners in the league.

Nobody could remember when any team attacked Bailey the way the Bengals dared.

I can. 2004 Chad Johnson owned Bailey to the tune of  149yds and a TD.

“Oh, yeah. I knew exactly what it was going to be like,” Bailey said. “There is nothing that went on, on that field, with (Bengals wide receiver) A.J. (Green) that surprised me. He’s definitely one of the tougher matchups since I’ve been in the game. He’s special. They don’t come along like that.”

I agree Champ. Now maybe the Bengals can find more ways to surround him with some supporting cast.


  1. actually Bailey only gave up 68 yds and a TD, and not all of that was to Green. about 15 yds to Gresham. so about 50 yds and TD is all he gave up to Green, and 30 of that could have been flagged for offensive PI. Im not saying should have, just could have…Green made a good play, but Bailey had perfect coverage. I just watched the game on my DVR last night. Being at the game i thought Bailey got used, but i really dont think so. This was nothing like Chad’s game against him. Bailey also had 1 INT and what very easily could have been another one on a ball Green gave up on. Green is awesome, maybe the best. But Bailey did a fine job if you ask me, and he did it without help, allowing to use that extra defender elsewhere