July 25, 2017

The Case for Marvin Lewis, General Manager


Another season is spiraling out of control in Cincinnati and the long-suffering fans are left to suffer once again. The team is in the middle of a four-game losing streak. Direction has been lost. Hope has disappeared. So what’s next?

If it were me, I’d start making plans to move Marvin Lewis upstairs. Think about it. There’s no denying that the overall talent on the Bengals roster has improved significantly with Lewis around. Last draft received an “A” grade from most analysts. The one before that brought two Pro Bowlers, A.J. Green and Andy Dalton. No one would be better equipped to navigate all the crazy nuances of Mike Brown’s ownership and still acquire considerable talent like Lewis. Lewis could be Cincinnati’s version of Ozzie Newsome, an evaluator who knows what it takes to win in the AFC North and keeps acquiring the pieces.

On the field, Lewis has had his shortcomings. Teams have underachieved. Losing streaks have lingered longer than they should have. But there’s no doubt that the Bengals roster is in much better shape than when he first showed up.

And for that reason, the Bengals should keep Lewis around when the season ends.

They just need to move him upstairs.




  1. Amen! And I want Cowher.

  2. Cowher would never come. We have a better chance at Jon Gruden

  3. I’ve considered this before myself and like the idea. Marvin is a decent enough talent evaluator and has done well to get the Bengals into the 21st century, but he’s not good enough as a coach.

    I’d take Gruden in a hot minute, and he’d probably like working with his baby bro again. That said, he’d most likely want to have GM power–something Brown won’t give up to anyone (including Lewis).

    Ultimately, we’re stuck. If the season continues to spiral, Lewis will get the axe, and Brown will promote Jay Gruden to HC, before another team does. The problem I see is that the Bengals will probably do the typical dead cat bounce, rattle off a series of wins towards the end of the year, earning Lewis an 11th season.

  4. Look at Lewis’ record. If he hasn’t gottten the axe yet he never will. He will be the HC for as long as he wants. No other teams HC could have Lewis’ record and still have a job BUT old MB know he keep Lewis here cheap and Lewis knows he isn’t going to be another HC anywhere he goes.

    ANd you are right Eric MB will never give up GM duties, not even to Lewis.

  5. just saw espn’s weekly knee-jerk reaction article for one of the few times both commentators agree on the bengals and that is Marvin should be done as head coach.


  6. Moving Marvin upstairs? If this is all the fans can come up with, they deserve what they get.

  7. there’s no way, he cant even cut it as a coach…..let alone mike brown even considering this!