August 17, 2017

WDW Episode 89 – A Giant Win for the Bengals Hopes

The Bengals got a huge boost this weekend with a huge or shall we say, GIANT, win over the G-Men 31-13 Sunday at PBS. The tone was set early as Andy “Red” Dalton ended the game with an early strike to AJ Green to go up 7-0. Guess he had a pretty good idea about the size of those holes in the Giants secondary. Thank god we have the best WR in the game. Next up for the Bengals, a nice little jaunt to the middle of the country as they visit the struggling Kansas City Chiefs who are coming off an impressive 3 point overtime loss in Pittsburgh Monday night.

In this week’s show:

AJ Green wasn’t lying

It was 14-0 before you know it thanks to a Adam Jones punt return

Getting the ball back up 14-0, the Bengals put Brandon Tate in the game to return a punt, doh

17-6 halftime lead and the Bengals are in business

Pat Sims impact was huge glad to have him back, the defensive line as a whole had their best game

Which also means that Rey Mauluga had HIS best game

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Keys to beating the Chiefs

We bring out some BOLD PREDICTIONS for the Chiefs game and the rest of the Bengals season

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