August 17, 2017

Bengals back to even – could be much worse

The Bengals did what good teams are supposed to do. They beat an inferior opponent on the road. They won the game with no drama. They executed their game plan and never once was there a question that the Bengals were not going to win.

The 9-1 Falcons struggled against the Arizona Cardinals at home. The Cowboys needed OT to beat the Browns at home. The Texans needed OT to beat the Jaguars at home. The Ravens barely beat the Steelers without Big Ben.

There is parity in the NFL and now the Bengals are in the mix for the playoff picture. Currently the Bengals hold the number 7 spot in the playoff race and at 5-5 that is great news.

The Chiefs on the other hand are battling for the worst team in football. I did see this in the Kansas City papers:

Loren G. “Sam” Lickteig passed away on Nov. 14, 2012 of complications from MS and heartbreaking disappointment caused by the Kansas City Chiefs football team.

It has come to that in KC, calling the team out in your obit. As Bengals fans we feel for the fans of the Chiefs, we have been there.

So what kind of team is this? Are they the team we have seen in the last two weeks destroying the Super Bowl champs and then the Chiefs on the road? Or are they the team that fell to the Browns and Dolphins at home?

One thing we are seeing is the youngsters on the team step up. Sanu is a starter and has earned that role. Kirkpatrick is getting playing time and doing well for as much instruction as he has missed. Burfict is a beast, may even be the best player the Bengals have on that side of the ball.

Looking ahead, the Bengals control their own destiny. Even though we are currently in the 7th spot, we still play a game against the Steelers who hold the spot just above us. With the next few games against the Raiders, Chargers, Cowboys and Eagles, the Bengals are in a stretch of the schedule where games are winnable. The Bengals do close out with the Steelers and Ravens, but much could be decided by then depending on how the Bengals handle themselves in the next 4 games.

Our own Nick Seuberling has predicted the next 4 as wins so lets get behind this team, currently in the playoff race, and shout WhoDey. Because it could be worse, we could be like Kansas City, again.


  1. johnfromkentucky says:

    Who Dey! Two good games for the Bengals. I think our season finally started in the Broncos game. Our effort seemed to vastly increase regardless of the loss. Let’s keep it up. The next four teams are beatable to say the least. I really am looking forward to playing the Steelers and Ravens. A lot could be on the line.

  2. chz coney crusher says:

    kick the Raiders asses!