Palmer’s homecoming not so sweet

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Comments (2)
  1. chz coney crusher says:

    that game was so badass in so many ways… Law Firm and Peerman with the long rushes, Geno, Mike, Manny and Wallace with the sacks… Sanu developing into a reliable third option for Dalton… it goes on and on. just AWESOME in so many ways. Kick the chargers asses!

  2. johnfromkentucky says:

    Who Dey! Another kick ass game from the team in the Queen City. This is what we have been waiting for: A team that dominates instead of just squeaking by. As for Carson Palmer leaving in a bad way who cares? The guy was a lousy quarterback. I call him a glorified Tim Couch. No way were the Bengals ever going to the Super Bowl with him running the offense. Mike Brown was an idiot to have signed him for $100 million.
    Anyway lets beat San Diego.