July 25, 2017

Cincinnati Bengals playoff chances

It is the goal of every NFL team to control their own destiny. The Bengals still do. The playoff scenario for the Bengals is simple. If they beat the Steelers and the Ravens they are in the playoffs. If they lose either of those games they need some help. Lets look closer:

Even if the Bengals lose on Thursday night and the Steelers win the Bengals will only be a game back from them. If the Bengals manage to win the next two games (Steelers/Ravens) they will probably end in a tie with the Steelers. (assuming the Gold and Black top the Browns in the final week). So it goes to tie breaker procedures. The first is record in the division. Both teams would be 3 and 3. So then it would fall to record in the conference. This is where the Bengals would have the edge. They would have a 7-5 record while the Steelers would sport a 5-7 record.

The Jets would also lose out to the Bengals in common opponent record with the Bengals with that scenario assuming they win out.

So there you have it, sure the Steelers could lose to the Browns and the Bengals could beat the Eagles and the Steelers and have the game against the Ravens not matter. Or the Steelers could lose to the Cowboys and open it up for the Bengals more, but the bottom line is the Bengals can win and control their destiny no matter what any other team does. And that is what this guy wants to happen.


  1. Who dey fans…Listen up…with Marv at the helm, the Bengal boys will never, I repeat never, go to the super bowl. Who stops running in the 4th quarter with a guy who averaged 7 ypc during the game? Give Dallas two possessions in the 4th and they win it..absolutely stupefying and i’m a girl who never played the game. What kind of coaches go away from the strengths of the game up to that point…

  2. What about the horrendous use of their 2nd half timeouts? This isn’t the first instance of this either. I was at the cincy jet playoff game when lewis used all of their timeouts before the national anthem.. if they even had one remaining it would have affected the cowboys playcalling options on the last drive. Sometimes lewis is completely inept.

    • no doubt, but this is also on the coordinators. Very rarely is it Marvins fault that the play call comes in late or the wrong players are on the field. I am not apologizing for Marvin, but I am not giving a pass to the coordinators.

  3. Those play calls are on Jay Gruden. I agree they should have stayed with the hot hand, but how many times have fans complained that the Bengals got too conservative with the Run, Run pass plays at the end of the game?

  4. I think jay gruden and mike Zimmer have been godsends for this teami wouldn’t trade them for any coordinators in the league. Marvin was brought here to change the culture and instill discipline and he has done that. But now its time to take the next step and with some of the in game decisions he’s made I don’t know if he’s the coach to do it.