June 28, 2017

What they are saying around the web

Tough loss for the Bengals. They had the Cowboys beat. This game was not lost because of bad officiating (although there was some) or being outplayed. It was lost because the Bengals failed to play a good game. They dropped passes, failed to execute and the defense got beat when they needed stops the most.

Peter King did approach the subject of the hit Reggie Nelson laid on Dez Bryant in his Monday Morning QB article:

8. I think the NFL must look at the picture-perfect hit by Reggie Nelson to the sternum of Dez Bryant to jar a reception loose from Bryant. Must. And if the officiating staff of Carl Johnson can look at this hit and justify the personal foul on Nelson, then I have to think about covering another sport. A stunning and stupid penalty. Defenders have to be allowed to defend, for crying out loud.

All across the WhoDey blogsphere we see comments like this (thanks to CincyJungle.com)

Andy Dalton is mediocre
How many easy throws can one system quarterback miss? If you have trouble scanning the field and delivering accurate throws downfield to receivers while they’re still in stride, the least you can do is be good at the formulaic part of the game. If Andy can’t complete throws out of a three-step drop, he is useless to this team. Yesterday reminded me of losses last year and earlier this year where even halfway competent QB play would have been good enough for a win.

Settle down there. We live in a society where people are too quick to blame and too eager to turn the page. Dalton is more than a “halfway competent QB”. I get it, he missed some throws. He also made some. So far this season he has performed fairly well as a whole.

In what had to be the most idiotic move on Sunday, Rob Ryan running onto the field to yell at Andre Smith tops the list. Is it just me or is the “Ryan act” from both brothers a little tired? From PFT

Ryan walked out onto the field to yell at the officials about what he thought should have been a flag on Bengals offensive tackle Andre Smith for holding Cowboys defensive lineman Sean Lissemore, but instead of throwing a flag on Cincinnati, the officials flagged Ryan for unsportsmanlike conduct.

I was sitting in the 5th row at the part of the field where this happened. So here is a first hand account of what went down. Ryan was pissed at a non holding call on the RG NOT Andre Smith. Smith just told Ryan to get his ass off the field. (throughout the whole game when the Cowboys were on defense, Ryan was between 2 and 10 yds onto the field, it was a joke). The ref twice told Ryan to get back but he continued arguing with the player, who is allowed on the field. So the ref flagged him. He then should have been tossed screaming “Thats a bull sh** flag you fu**ing a**hole” to the ref. Classy group those Ryan brothers.

From Reedy’s 5th quarter article:

Josh Brown kicked four field goals, including a 52-yarder. Five of his six kickoffs also resulted in touchbacks. The 10-year veteran was signed on Thursday after Mike Nugent suffered a right calf injury on Wednesday.

Josh Brown more than filled in for Nugent. Long kickoffs and plenty of field goals probably makes the Nuge a little worried about his job in the future.


  1. That Nelson play was awesome. And anyone who is harping on dalton just isn’t watching the same game. I put this game on the coaches for getting away from the run with the law firm. Unless he was sidelined there is no reason he should have been sitting

  2. Clinton Collins says:

    Am I the only one upset about the Bengals play-calling in the game? Its the 3rd quarter, the Bengals are up 9 points and The Law-Firm is not getting the ball. I think that is the perfect time to start running out the clock.