July 26, 2017

WDW Episode 93 – Run the Ball

That one may come back to haunt the Bengals. Up 19-10 in the 4th quarter at home to a team riddled with injuries and emotionally spent. A team with one of the worst run defenses in the league yet the Bengals abandoned the run game. Dropped catches, dropped INT’s, missed tackles, ugh it was just not the Bengals day Sunday. Even worse was that Pittsburgh and Baltimore both lost. Time to strap it up men, at Philly, at Pittsburgh and home to Baltimore. The playoffs for the Cincinnati Bengals have already started. This week we’re joined by co-host of the Irish Impact podcast Kevin Wernert who is a lifelong Eagles fan to help us break down Thursday night’s primetime affair.

In this week’s show:

How do you blow that game?

Abandoned the running game despite having the lead and a RB averaging 7.4 per carry

Missed opportunities

John, Jeremy and FatalContent from Twitter gave us a ring on the Who-Dey Line

Shoutouts/Announcements – Shop till you Drop!

NFL looking to expand postseason to 14 teams

The Eagles are having a long year

Bold Predictions/Score Predictions for Thursday night

I made an appearance this week on Bleacher Report’s F*Ball NFL Podcast with Andrea Hangst who appeared on our show earlier in the season. Check it out sometime.

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