July 26, 2017

Are the tides changing in Cincinnati

Earlier this week there was talk of the Bengals beefing up the front office. Add that to the fact that the Bengals have now been to the playoffs 3 out of the last 4 years and are a young team that only looks to improve and you could wonder if this is the beginning of a new Bengals era.

We sniffed it before. We were all ready to jump on board the Carson Palmer train and ride it into the new Bengals domination in 2005. Those times were derailed on one play in the playoffs where Carson’s knee may have gotten better, but his heart never did.

This seems different. A kid out of Texas with fire red hair and no Heisman in his pocket has meant more to the Bengals than number 9 ever did. He came in with the most talented receiver ever to put on the stripes in his first two years. Surround them with a bunch of no drama hard at work type players and you get the current WhoDey kids.

Whats not to like about these Bengals? I can hear the naysayers still, only their voices are not as loud as before. “You couldn’t beat Miami, Cleveland ……” . The knock used to be the Bengals can’t win division games against two of the best teams in the NFL every season. Then it was the Bengals couldn’t beat teams with winning records, or playoff teams. This season the Bengals beat the defending super bowl champs. Along with a couple playoff teams and ended the Steelers season.

There are a lot of things the Bengals still need, they are not a complete team. However, the organization seems to be on the right track and with the success of the last several drafts I am confident that the pattern will continue. This is a fun time to be a Bengals fan. Lets all root for them to take that next step together, there is plenty of room back on the bandwagon.




  1. So are you the “number one fan” that sits in the front row in section 103, with the big “number 1 fingers? Am wondering because if it’s you, you were kind enough to have your picture taken with me after the cleveland game, and Id like to send you a copy if you’d like.

  2. This is it! My wife and I traveled from charleston, sc…to jacksonville for a great weekend victory, then to cincy where we didnt play miami very well…then bach to cinci for the cowboy game

    • I know the feeling; I have season tickets and I’m in Milwaukee, WI. We’ve made all but 2-games this year. Leave at 4am make it to PBS an hour before game, have a few beers in the parking lot the go to game. Leave immediately after and get home around midnight. It’s such a better trip when they win.

  3. want a cheap deal to elexis? texas for the game…need a place to crash and walking distance to the game…hook us up and a party will be had! nom sayin sounds warrm

  4. gimmi a peak at where im at