Three reasons the Cincinnati Bengals will win on Saturday

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  1. Bruce says:

    I’m excited as heck and think this team will win on Saturday.
    I can’t help but see the media still taking shots at this team and wanting them out as quickly as possible. I’m sure the announcers will be one-sided again. Referee calls will favor the home team. Analysts will not pick the Bengals. While we have blow-out high TV rating locally in SW Ohio, I’m sure no one else cares about the Marvin Lewis powerhouse. Two division championships and the playoff 4 out of 8 years and the national media see us a micro-step over the Chiefs and the Bills.
    I don’t care. It’s a great team. I will watch to the end. In Marvin We Trust. More great drafts to come. Maybe a SuperBowl this year.