June 24, 2017

Late Friday playoff thoughts

Here are some of my thoughts as we wrap up Friday and look forward to the playoffs tomorrow.


The Bengals have a really good chance of winning this game.


Tune into channel 9 (wcpo) in Cincinnati this evening at 7:00pm to see yours truly sit down with the people from The List and talk Bengals football.


The Pittsburgh Steelers season is done and it is because of the Bengals.


Our podcast guest Brett Kollmann breaks down why the Bengals and Texans are a bad fit for the game this Saturday. Read his post, the guy is sharp and breaks down plays better than you are going to see on any TV show.


The 6th seed in the AFC has done well recently in the playoffs.


I looked at WhoDeyRevolution today and while the site is not officially dead, they have lost any momentum they may have once had. I miss the way their guys would come and argue with us here.


Midway through the season, over half of you reading this had the Bengals done. Aren’t you glad they still play the games?


  1. chz coney crusher says:


  2. I think this game comes down to two things.: 1) we hold Arian foster under 100 yards rushing and 2) our offense FINALLY shows up. Last year I felt happy to be there this year I want more. Oh and hopefully Marvin lewis won’t cost them the game by doing anything that he did in the Pittsburgh game. I really believe they can win this one today.