Reaction to another Bengals playoff loss

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  1. johnfromkentucky says:

    This article is excellent. Pardon me as I adjust my bengal’s tin foil hat. I would argue this game was intentionally thrown away by the offense. Seriously it looked suspicious as Green never saw a pass in the first half. No consistant handoffs to Ellis. Gresham dropping the ball while being open near the 50. Cook at center again while Robinson earmed the bench. Was the mafia at work behind the scenes? Does the NFL hate this team so bad that they have told Gruden he best not score? LOL. Well let me now remove my tin cap and admit the truth: There is no mob or conspiracy involved. The Bengals coaching staff are just as stupid as the game dictated. The plan to get everybody involved was activated just as this article explains in brief but entertaining detail. I just can’t believe this coach is returning. Back to back playoffs are nice but any last hope I had for Lewis is shattered.

  2. WHO DEstiny says:

    Step back from the ledge, fellow Who Dey faithful-

    I am as thoroughly disgusted by the play yesterday as you all are. However, I am not on board with getting rid of ML.

    1. First of all it doesn’t matter – he isn’t going anywhere. No way Mikey Boy jettisons ML at this point. 3 playoffs in 4 years – remember, Mikey won’t even consider firing anybody until they’ve gone 2-14 at least 3 years in a row. And if you give us a “tease” of a season – something like 7 or 8 wins one year – make that 5 years of suckitude before you’re canned. You heard it here first – ML will leave this team on his own accord, when he’s ready.

    2. And secondly – do you really trust Mikey to pick another coach who’s better???? You have to think not only about how ML has done, but not just anyone can do well under Mikey. I think ML has figured out how to push Mikey’s buttons – i.e. when he wants to do something stupid (i.e. draft Gabbert), convince him to do the right thing (draft Dalton) but make him think that it was his idea to change his mind in the first place…..

    At any rate, we will clearly see some changes in leadership next year – There is no conceivable way Zimmer will not get a HC job this off season. I think it is laughable that Gruden is getting interviews – his resume is way too thin to be a HC in this league. And given the offensive gameplan and play against the Texans – I can’t imagine him getting a HC gig now.

    Don’t get me wrong – I’d much rather have Zimmer back vs. Gruden – Even with Maualuga mailing it in, I still pin this loss squarely on the offense.

    Offseason checklist:


    We are fine at:

    We desperately need:
    RB help – I like BJGE but he cannot carry the load. We missed Scott this year more than I thought we would

    I’m not sure about:
    TE (I was big on Gresham last year – thought he’d really break through this year, but hasn’t. Last night was painful to watch)


    We are fine at:

    We desperately need:

    Nugent’s contract is up I believe but as Brown showed us good kicking should never be hard to find
    Returns were OK.

    WHO DEY!!!!

  3. John says:

    Andy Dalton was HORRIBLE, and so was REY, that is the whole game. Yeah, Gresham needs to catch at least two of those, but Andy was short on a touchdown to Marvin Jones and then long to AJ?? Cmon, I know he has “moxie” but I complained about this all year, not sure if he is the answer. And we need a young nasty safety for sure, and how many years we gonna get decent play from Newman, Pacman and Clements?? Need a young corner, Middle linebacker, Running back, and possible new OC, if this guy cannot figure out what is working during the game. I thought we would lose this game, but we had every chance to win and blew it!!