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Starting Up Free Agency Talk

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  1. Darrell Williams says:

    So this is a crazy idea I think would be smart for the Browns. No joke pick up Tebow. The AFC North has been some form or another of hard nose running, hard fought yard league. And if you could get Tebow, Cribbs and Richardson working out of some sort of wildcat/option setup it would could be deadly. This fixes a few problems (A) Cribbs isn’t a true wide receiver and his experience at QB/return style running would make this viable (B) Tebow wouldn’t have to throw the deep ball and in an emergency he could drop it to Little and let him dance up field. (C) less need to fix hole ridden O-line when the ball is in motion from the get go. Never happen don’t want it to. I like where the Browns are.

    I Know this is bengals zone but After talking to father-in-law browns fan a few weeks ago. Here’s hopping the Bengals get on the stick and start signing the right players back.