June 27, 2017

Who do we like this weekend in the playoffs

Ok, so the Bengals are out. However, NFL football is still going on and like us, most of you will be watching.

Who do you root for?

Personally I am torn. Part of me wants to root for the Ravens. My reasoning is that they are a division opponent and whats good for the division is good for the Bengals. The Bengals will get to play them twice next season and it would be nice to beat a super bowl team twice next year. I do not want to root for Ray Lewis. I am just tired of this guy, and will be happy when he retires.

I only would root for the Pats for a couple reasons. My wife’s uncle is a huge fan and if they win it means the Ravens lose. However, I am as tired of this team as I am of Ray Lewis. Probably jealousy, but it is what it is.

On the NFC side there is more interesting story lines.

Atlanta. I like Tony Gonzales, a lot. After 16 years in the league he has finally won a playoff game. He is one of the great tight ends and a ring could not go to someone more deserving.

San Fran. I like Colin Kaepernick. This is a QB I was high on for the Bengals when he was in the draft and I really like the way he plays. A mobile guy with a strong arm, he is fun to watch.

If you are in a place where you could make a wager, think about a parlay bet and pick the winner of both games. It may turn watching teams that you don’t care about into teams you do care about.



  1. NE nauseates me as much of the thought of Ben Roethlisberger dating my sister. (Thank God she is smarter than that!) But picking between the Pats or the Ravens is like choosing between syphilis or anthrax. Can they both lose?

    And the 49ers, well, let’s just say that forgiveness isn’t one of my strong suits.

    So I’m left with Atlanta. Besides, it would be good to see someone new get there. It would be just their second trip to the big game. And it just might make it feel more like the Bengals could be there again soon.