August 16, 2017

Who do we like this weekend in the big game?

Super Bowl: Sunday Feb 3 6:30pm

The SuperBowl this year (also known as the Harbaugh Bowl) is this Sunday. I believe there are reasons that as a Bengal fan you could root for or against either team. Usually, because the Bengals are not in the big game, I root for a good game. However, I think this season I will be rooting for the 49’ers. First off, if you are into NFL betting then as of this post the Ravens were 4 point underdogs to the team from San Fran.

Reason 1 to root for the 49’ers, Ray Lewis. This is the biggest reason for me. I am done with this guy. Yes, he is a great player. Yes, in recent history he has “given back” to the community. I still remember the punk from the U. I remember that he was guilty of more than what he ended up being charged with relating to a murder and I am over the over dramatic way he approaches pretty much everything.

Reason 2 to root for the 49’ers, the fans. Yeah, as Bengals fans we take enough gruff from the fans of the Ravens and the Steelers. It is why we celebrate so much when we beat them. In their eyes the Bengals are the little brother not worthy of being on the same field and another Super Bowl win will just increase that kind of behavior.

Reason 3 to root for the 49’ers, Colin Kaepernick. For some reason I have a soft spot for this kid. I liked him coming out of college and root for him to do well. Of all the young Qb’s (minus Dalton of course) the upside to this kid is big. I think he can be a star in the right system and he may have that system in San Fran.

I am well aware the 9ers are the team that shattered the Bengals dreams in the 80’s but the Ravens shattering them currently trumps this. So I through my support behind the San Fransisco 49ers this weekend. But I still hope it is a good game.


  1. I won’t be watching. I hate both teams.

  2. Can they both lose?

  3. Mike the Brit says:

    WIth the sideline stories of Harbaugh vs Harbaugh, Ray Lewis and CK7 the “media” is hardly focussing upon the actual game, which is not surprising as It will be an awful game with both teams cancelling each other out.