July 25, 2017

Hate Bowl I

I appreciate the perspectives out here on WDF regarding who will win today, and who we are rooting for, but I need to be blunt and say that I personally despise both of these teams, and I could care less who won.

I mean, how can any red-blooded Bengal fan root for the 49ers to win this game??  This is the team that ripped our collective hearts out in both of our Super Bowl appearances.    I was in grade school for Super Bowl XVI, and high school for Super Bowl XXIII and I remember them both in grandiose detail.  Both times I felt confident of victory, and both times I was disappointed.  For you young fans, who may have been too young for those games, imagine your disappointment after the Texans loss, and magnify it by 1000, and you might get close to the feeling of losing the big game.  I will forever hate Joe Montana and his evil minions Jerry Rice, John Taylor, and Roger Craig for that.  To this day, decades later, I can close my eyes and see John Taylor catching the game-winning touchdown from Montana in Super Bowl XXIII, the ball sailing just past the outstretched arm of new Browns defensive coordinator Ray Horton.  I remember Lewis Billups dropping a sure interception, and Krumrie’s leg flapping in the air.

Then there’s the Ravens.  A divisional opponent.  Ray Lewis and Ed Reed have been Bengal killers for years.  In 1999 they did what the Bengals couldn’t do:  They broke through with a great defense, solid special teams, and a “good enough” offense to win it all.  The Bengals have a great defense, a solid special teams, but I guess the offense isn’t “good enough” enough. Sigh.  To me, Baltimore reminds me of what the Bengals could–and should–be, but aren’t.  And that’s a tough pill to swallow.

Normally I pull for the AFC participant (unless the Giants are playing–they’re my NFC team).  This year, though, I’m rooting for a 0-0 tie with both teams looking embarrassingly average.  I can’t stand either Harbaugh brother, and I can’t wait to see Ray Lewis retire.  Kaepernick is a gimmicky quarterback, and Flacco is an overrated one.  Randy Moss is playing and talking S*&$, and former Bengals Bobbie Williams, Justin Smith, and Ahmad Brooks are all soaking in the glory.

Ithink I’m gonna puke.

The only thing that would be worse would be a Niners-Steelers Super Bowl.


  1. WHO DEstiny says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I hate both teams and am glad the 2012-13 season is now officially in the books.
    Bye bye Ray! Party hard, I hope you don’t kill too many people tonight.

    moving forward:
    2013-14 early AFC predictions (hours after the end of the 2013 super bowl):

    The ELITE teams:
    HOU, NE, BALT, DEN (*there are your preseason near unanimous picks for division champs next year)

    The VERY GOOD but not quite elite teams:
    IND, CIN, +/- PIT

    The GOOD to MEDIOCRE tier:
    SD, MIA, +/- PIT, +/- TEN, +/- CLE, +/- BUF

    The DISASTER tier:
    OAK, KC, JAX, NYJ, +/- TEN, +/- CLE, +/- BUF

    My thoughts:
    AFCW: DEN will have best record. Peyton will tear thru that weak-ass division. SD will be about .500, could compete for wild card. KC will rebuild. OAK is an absolute mess.

    AFCE: NE will win division easily. BUF will compete for wild card but probably won’t make it. MiA will be just shy of 0.500. NYJ will wish they fired Ryan this year.

    AFCS: Houston and IND are close, they probably split head-to-head and the division race is close. I think HOU ultimately wins out. IND will be a wild card. TEN will struggle again and basically tread water. Don’t draft C. Johnson in fantasy ball. JAX rebuilds.

    AFCN: Got to give BAL the edge in the division b/c they just won the super bowl but hard to say how they do without Ray Ray. They won’t get a first-round bye (just like this year). CIN should do better next year than this year as so many guys will be playing for contracts. Huge getting both coordinators back. The bar is set high in the ‘Nati. CIN could take the division – they almost did this year despite some bad losses early on. I look for CIN to be much more consistent this coming year. Hard to imagine PIT struggling again next year but it could very well happen. Age is not being kind to the Steelers. I think they miss the playoffs again. CLE will actually improve, however you can improve in the AFCN and still finish last.

    I guess at the end of the day, I don’t see next years’ playoff field looking much different than this years.

    AFCE: 1 team, NE
    AFCW: 1 team, DEN
    AFCN: 2 teams, BAL and CIN. BAL is the early favorite for division champ, but I could certainly see CIN taking it.
    AFCS: 2 teams, HOU and IND. I can’t see IND knocking of HOU, at least not yet anyway.

    Next teams out of playoffs: BUF, SD, MIA

  2. I agree with you guys. My big hope is that we make it through the draft with some great picks to fill some of our holes and loses to free agency.