June 26, 2017

A Trade Would Be Nice

Reports surfaced this week that the Kansas City Chiefs have negotiated a trade to acquire Alex Smith, sending the #34 pick and a conditional pick in 2014 to the San Francisco 49ers. With five picks between #31 and #93, the rich get richer. It got me thinking about how nice it would be if the Bengals could swing a trade and acquire an extra pick.

Trade who, though?

The Bengals have drafted well enough in recent years that they are beginning to be on the “plus” side of the talent pool. But they are not overloaded at many positions. Who could they spare that other teams would want?

One name comes to mind: Pat Sims.

They had more defensive linemen than they really could play last year. Brandon Thompson, last year’s 3rd round pick, barely saw the field. And Devon Still, last year’s 2nd round pick who drew positive reviews from coaches, saw his playing time dry up once Sims returned to the field. The team will want to get both of these players more involved next year and begin reaping the rewards from these investments, likely making Sims the odd man out in 2013.

When he is on the field, Sims is a heavy load that clogs running lanes in the middle of the line. He could be a solid addition to a team that struggled with defending the run. Perhaps a team like the Jaguars, the Jets, or the Cowboys, who are switching to a 4-3 defense. At 335 lbs, Sims may even be big enough to play NT in a 3-4 defense for teams like the Colts, the Saints, or the Cardinals. So there should be a market for him. Maybe enough to net a 3rd round pick.

The problem is, though, that Sims is a free agent. The Bengals would have to convince him to sign a deal before the start of free agency in order to make this happen. He made just under $1.2M last year with base + bonuses, so he will likely be affordable for the Bengals. But signing before free agency is does not create a lot of financial leverage for Sims. If he hits the open market, he will probably find a taker this time around.

If the Bengals had made Sims a two-year offer, a trade scenario dealing Sims before this year’s draft could be a possibility. But they didn’t, so it is likely nothing more than wishful thinking on my part. I just can’t help my greedy nature, thinking how awesome a fifth pick in the first two days of the draft would be.


  1. Anthony Helfenstine says:

    No..cant do that..When Sims was out of the lineup we sucked against the run,only when he came back did we shore up the run defense and start to play good overall defense..Cant get rid of Sims

  2. This might sound a little nuts in the land of Mike Brown’s wallet but with the over abundance of picks that we have this draft why couldn’t we at least approach the jets about the possibility of a trade for darelle revis? I know the Bengals would have to pay him what he wants if they acquired him but they have the most cap room in the league. I also know that the company line has been “we have to sign our own players” which I agree with to a point but could you imagine our defense with hall and revis in the same defensive backfield? This team is good enough to make the playoffs as currently constructed but if they seriously want to get over that playoff win hump, they need to make a legitimate move to do so and acquiring Revis would be it.