A Trade Would Be Nice

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  1. Anthony Helfenstine says:

    No..cant do that..When Sims was out of the lineup we sucked against the run,only when he came back did we shore up the run defense and start to play good overall defense..Cant get rid of Sims

  2. dan cyriacks says:

    This might sound a little nuts in the land of Mike Brown’s wallet but with the over abundance of picks that we have this draft why couldn’t we at least approach the jets about the possibility of a trade for darelle revis? I know the Bengals would have to pay him what he wants if they acquired him but they have the most cap room in the league. I also know that the company line has been “we have to sign our own players” which I agree with to a point but could you imagine our defense with hall and revis in the same defensive backfield? This team is good enough to make the playoffs as currently constructed but if they seriously want to get over that playoff win hump, they need to make a legitimate move to do so and acquiring Revis would be it.