Options At Backup Quarterback

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  1. dan cyriacks says:

    I like Gradkowski and I completely agree that if Dalton went down I wouldn’t feel like the season was neccessarily over with Bruce taking over. Just want to throw another name out there though. If the bills end up releasing Ryan fitzpatrick, he might be another good possibility to bring back. He has starting experience, is a smart guy, and earned a starting QB job with how he played for us previously. Just to be clear I’m not one of the people calling for.a new QB and anyone who is apparently doesn’t remember how bad it was not having one nearly as good as Dalton. He’s not perfect and he does have a lot to improve on but he’s 2 years in and we need to give the guy a legitimate chance.

  2. WHO DEstiny says:

    Go with Bruce. He knows the offense, he won’t be any more expensive, I never got a whiff of a sense that he was unhappy or uncomfortable here. I would hate to see the team bring in someone like Jackson or Moore new to the system. They would be a bit of a talent upgrade, but not a huge one – I think the lack of experience in our offense with our receivers would negate that advantage.

    Dalton is way too young to pair solely with a rookie or a developmental project a la Robinson.

    This team has historicaly done the best with a veteran backup (Kitna, Gradkowski)