August 16, 2017

Draft Countdown: Day 25

I’m happy to report that I’ve finally emerged from a bout of seclusion that would have made a hermit cringe. For the past year, I’ve been busy writing a book about the NFL Draft that should be published later this month. And because I bleed orange and black, it will feature a healthy amount of Bengals content.

Now I’m finally free to write about the upcoming draft and share some of my thoughts on the best moves for the Bengals this year. But I’ll also be sharing some of the information from the book that I found interesting. And I’llbe doing it for the next 25 days to get Bengal Nation ready for the draft on Thursday, April 25th.

Did you know?

The first draft pick ever, Jay Berwanger, a halfback from the University of Chicago, never played pro football.

Bengals Thought:  I’d like to see Cincinnati go after another halfback this year, Tavon Austin, but early estimations have him getting selected before the Bengals draft pick at No. 21. Thus, I’ll explore some contigency plans in future posts.




  1. tavon austin is a wide reciever. i think we are gonna get joseph randel with our 2nd 2nd round pick, hes a good balance back with game changing speed and is a good blocker and can catch and can run between the tackles and is 6 foot

    • You’re right in that Austin might get the most snaps as a slot receiver, but he had 72 carries last year and I would love to see him in the Bengals backfield. It’s rumored the Bengals have some legitimate interest in Austin and are bringing him in for a visit. Randle, I think, would be a good consolation prize.