June 23, 2017

Draft Countdown: Day 19

In advance of this year’s draft and my upcoming book, here’s Day 19 of the countdown.

Did you know?

There is a website at draftmetrics.com that attempts to analyze the NFL Draft on a statistical basis. In a sense, it’s the Moneyball approach to the NFL Draft.


Bengals Thought: If you’re rating draft success based on the number of five-year starters your team selects (and some people do), the Bengals rate better than you think. According to draftmetrics.com, the Bengals were one of the four best teams at acquiring five-year starters, based on their picks in the 1993 – 2006 drafts. Using that data, draftmetrics.com estimates that Cincinnati will acquire about 2.25 five-year starters in this year’s draft.