October 25, 2016

The Case for Marvin Lewis, General Manager


  Another season is spiraling out of control in Cincinnati and the long-suffering fans are left to suffer once again. The team is in the middle of a four-game losing streak. Direction has been lost. Hope has disappeared. So what’s next? If it were me, I’d start making plans to move Marvin Lewis upstairs. Think [...]

Second Take: Five Thoughts on Bengals/Steelers


1. This was a sad performance by the Bengals. Sad. Way sad. Pittsburgh was missing its top two running backs, its best defensive player, and its best offensive linemen. And yet, the Steelers dominated Cincinnati in the second half of a home game. Perhaps you could understand losing a game on a late field goal, [...]

Second Take: 5 Thoughts on Ravens Smackdown. Ouch.


  In the wake of Baltimore’s 44-13 beatdown, it’s going to be an ice pack kind of Tuesday for a lot of Bengals players and Bengal Nation as well. There aren’t too many positives to take away, but I’ll mine the wreckage to see if I can find a black box. 1. I thought that [...]

Get In Our Gear – And Get in the Game!

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      Clipped from: www.cafepress.com (share this clip)   If you’re looking for a way to support our site or our team without filling the pockets of Mike Brown, this is the perfect way to do it. Click here to shop. The WhoDeyFans Store will also be added to our links page, so come [...]

Late Night Roster Thoughts

Cincinnati Bengals v Indianapolis Colts

  With the season opener only a few days away and the Bengals roster cuts made today, there’s no better time than now to offer some rapid fire thoughts on the roster. -I’m sad to see Roddrick Muckelroy go. I thought Muckelroy played well in the preseason (and in his limited opportunities as a rookie) [...]

Sponsored Post: Take Your Fantasy Draft to the Next Level


Does your fantasy football draft need some more excitement? How about a digital draft board? How about an announcer that declares each pick as it’s made? How about custom images for your league and each team, or a song that plays when a team is on deck? With FanDraft’s fantasy football software, all those features [...]

Five Storylines to Watch


Now that the Bengals are deeply into training camp and have their first preseason game in a few days, I thought it made sense to take a look at some of the storylines to watch in the coming weeks. Here they are: 1. How will Andy Dalton and A.J. Green perform in their second seasons? [...]

In Defense of Brandon Tate

Brandon Tate is creating a stir as the Bengals current No. 2 receiver

It seems that Brandon Tate is something of a hot button in Who Dey Nation. Some people seem to hate him and think he may not even make the roster this year. Others seem to recognize his contributions to special teams, where he was a pretty productive returner, although prone to some poor decisions. I [...]

Back from the Dead: Random Thoughts

It's time to re-emerge just in time for training camp.

My apologies for an extended absence prompted by the obligations of adult life and the slower cycle of Bengals news. But it’s time to break back into the black and orange – and I plan to do so in rapid-fire fashion. Here are a few things I’ve been thinking about our beloved Bengals: -When’s the [...]

Follow Me!


  I’m working on an oustide project for the NFL Draft so I won’t be able to post much here at WhoDeyFans, but I love what the Bengals have done so far and I’ll be offering up some occasional insight on Twitter. I look for the Bengals to address linebacker and perhaps running back, defensive [...]