October 25, 2016

WDF Exclusive: Mel Kiper on the Bengals Draft

ESPN's Mel Kiper believes the Bengals should target offensive lineman and cornerbacks in the upcoming draft.

Draft guru Mel Kiper, the man who has played a major role in making the NFL Draft the fun-filled, fan-friendly event that it is today, spoke with me recently for my upcoming book, Draft Daze. As I’m known to do, I eventually steered the conversation toward our emerging Bengals. Kiper, as always, had some interesting [...]

Draft Lab: In the Trenches


ESPN’s Mel Kiper and Todd McShay, two guys who were nice enough to talk Bengals football with us recently, are also analyzing a number of draft picks in their video segment, Draft Lab. In the latest episode, Kiper and McShay look at the offensive and defensive lines, two areas that the Bengals are likely to [...]

Draft Lab: Top 5 Running Backs

Trent Richardson, Kambriel Willis

Even if the Bengals sign a running back in free agency, it’s likely they’ll select one in April’s draft as well. Fortunately, it’s a fairly deep draft class, headlined by Alabama’s Trent Richardson. In this segment of Draft Lab, ESPN’s Mel Kiper and Todd McShay discuss the draft’s best running backs. Enjoy.  

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Nine dollars is a small price to pay to be my hero. Make it happen.

We’ve all been there. It’s Valentine’s Day and you’ve been slacking, there’s no present or plans prepared for that special someone in your life. This year, we’ve got you covered. Nothing says “I love you” like thong underwear screen printed with the name of your favorite Bengals blog. And better yet, it’s made in America. [...]

Could the Bengals Be Scared Off Alabama Prospects?

Trent Richardson, Kambriel Willis

Could the Bengals’ early struggles with Andre Smith and the Alabama coaching staff scare the team away from taking Bama players this season? I doubt it. But considering the number of Crimson Tide players expected to go in the first round and Cincinnati’s last dealings with Alabama, it is an interesting point to consider. In [...]

WhoDeyFans Exclusive: Todd McShay on the Bengals Draft

Todd McShay offered up some interesting possibilities for the Bengals' draft.

I spoke with ESPN’s Todd McShay for my upcoming book, Draft Daze, and was able to cram a question about our beloved Bengals into the conversation. McShay has become one of the country’s foremost experts on the draft by logging an impressive amount of time in film study. He watches several game tapes of all [...]

Bengals: Draft Mover and Shaker?


ESPN.com’s Todd McShay listed the Bengals as one of five teams who could shake up the draft with potential trades at their first two picks. Recently, the Bengals have been pretty stagnant in the draft, standing pat and simply using their selections. However, it’s possible that the team could be a bit more active this [...]

Free Agency: Hot Corners


  When free agency opens next month, there will be some big-name cornerbacks hitting the market. Cincinnati could use one, but it is unclear if the team will spend its considerable cap space on the position. For one, the team has already locked up Leon Hall long-term. And Nate Clements should be back for another [...]

Do the Bengals Really Need a Safety?

Re-signing Reggie Nelson will give the Bengals more flexibility in the draft,

As free agency nears and the draft approaches, there is continued speculation about who the Bengals will acquire at guard, running back, cornerback, and safety. All those positions are considered to be significant needs. But is the last one really that significant? I’m not sure it is. Here’s why. Most people expect the team to [...]

Free Agent Targets: Offensive Guard

This beard would be an immediate upgrade on the Bengals line. So would its owner.

Let’s take a moment to consider the value of free agency before examining the guards. Let’s say the Bengals add a starting-caliber guard and perhaps even a safety and a wideout once free agency begins. Then, the team will enter the draft with no glaring holes (outside of running back), and will be able to [...]