October 23, 2016

WDW Episode 70 – What’s Going On Here!?!


Wow did this week’s show get out of control. Most of you are probably thinking, “well it’s about time!”. I hope you enjoy this week’s show because it was a lot of fun to record!

WDW Episode 69 – Can I Interject?


Are you concerned that Brandon Tate is still being strongly considered to be the #2 wideout for the Bengals this fall? From all reports it sounds like Tate is quickly becoming a threat on offense. Special thanks to Stephen Reid of BengalsNorth.com and the Host of The Batereid Show Podcast for guest hosting this week. [...]

WDW Episode 68 – FoxSports.com’s Ryan Fowler


We’re talking Fantasy Football this week! Where do our beloved Bengals stack up this year in fantasy?

WDW Episode 67 – Gridiron Challenge


Thanks for those who tuned into the live broadcast! We’re making some changes here at the podcast which may result into a shift towards more and more video. Timm made his appearance on camera this week. Hopefully in the future we’ll be able to embed the video on the site. Thanks for your patience while [...]

WDW Episode 66 – Kicking Off Season 3


I can’t believe that a podcast we started nearly 3 years ago has grown to become the awesome Bengals community that it is today! I couldn’t be more thankful for all of our fans and I certainly appreciate you downloading the show each and every week. Here’s to a great 2012 season for the Bengals [...]

WDW Episode 65 – Recapping the Bengals Draft

What a draft by the Cincinnati Bengals! By most accounts from some of the bigger “draft experts” around the league, the Bengals had one of, IF NOT, the best drafts in all of football. Timm couldn’t make it this week so filling in for us is Sean O’Donnell from StripeHype.com and helping us break down [...]

It’s Draft Week Baby!

The Bengals will be drafting at No. 17 and 21 in the first round of the draft.

My gift to you, to help get you in the spirit of draft week! WHODEY!!!

Who-Dey Weekly 2nd Annual LIVE Mock Draft Results

Live Mock Draft

Hey Bengals fans! If you were unable to catch the show this week, here is how the 2nd Annual Live Mock Draft ended up. What did you make of this mock draft? Send us your thoughts to podcast@whodeyfans.com or leave a comment below.

WDW Episode 64 – 2nd Annual LIVE Mock Draft

Can you believe the NFL Draft is just a week away? On this episode we conduct our 2nd Annual LIVE Mock Draft show featuring Timm Bates, the Number 1 Fan and Cincy Jungle.com’s Joe Goodberry. In this week’s show: We pick all 32 first round picks There’s a big debate with the pick at 21 [...]

The 2nd Annual LIVE Mock Draft is this Wednesday!

Live Mock Draft

Hey there Bengals fans! This Wednesday night at 9 pm, WhoDeyFans.com will be conducting our 2nd Annual LIVE Mock Draft show! We will be picking all 32 first round picks just like we did last year!