June 23, 2017

How to improve the NFL season

        The days of the perennially dominant team in the NFL are, and have been, over for quite some time now, due to the collective bargaining agreement and salary cap restrictions that threw wide open the doors to the free agency system and has very successfully accomplished the purpose of creating parity […]

Who will win Superbowl XLVIII?

As the NFL season kicks into top gear, football betting tips on who the favourites are to win this seasons Superbowl begin to become more popular. According to the bookmakers, there are just four teams in the running for the Vince Lombardi trophy. They are Denver Broncos with odds of 100/30, Seattle Seahawks at 11/2, […]


We here at WhoDeyFans have for a long time been fans of CincyJungle.com. Recently we were approached with the opportunity to merge with them with the goal to create the best Bengal’s fan website on the planet. Starting today we are going to begin this merge. What you can expect: First and foremost, you are […]

Draft Countdown: Day 16

In conjunction with this year’s draft and my new book, Draft Daze, here’s Day 16 of the countdown. Did you know? ESPN’s first televised the draft in 1980. Bengals Thought: In Todd McShay’s latest mock draft, published today on ESPN.com, McShay has the Bengals taking Desmond Trufant, with Florida State tackle Menelik Watson and Alabama […]

Draft Countdown: Day 17

In advance of this year’s draft and my upcoming book, here’s Day 17. Did you know? Bill Shakespeare was taken third overall in the first NFL Draft in 1936. (Not that Bill Shakespeare).   This year:  NFL.com’s Mock Draft Central has Florida defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd as the consensus No. 3 pick in this year’s […]

Draft Countdown: Day 18

Did you know? Draft picks didn’t always know right away when they were drafted. Long-time personnel man (and current NFL.com contributor) Gil Brandt remembers a time when team officials brought rolls of quarters to the draft, so they could call the draft picks with the help of an operator, who would tell them how much […]

Draft Countdown: Day 19

In advance of this year’s draft and my upcoming book, here’s Day 19 of the countdown. Did you know? There is a website at draftmetrics.com that attempts to analyze the NFL Draft on a statistical basis. In a sense, it’s the Moneyball approach to the NFL Draft.   Bengals Thought: If you’re rating draft success based […]

Draft Countdown: Day 20

  In advance of this year’s draft and my upcoming book, here’s Day 20 of the countdown. Did you know? There’s a a fantasy game at www.playthedraft.com where you create a portfolio featuring stocks of different players and attempt to accumulate as much money as possible as those stocks fluctuate during the draft process. Bengals […]

Draft Countdown: Day 21

  In advance of this year’s draft and my upcoming book, here’s Day 21.   Did you know? Todd McShay was a high school quarterback and played at the University of Richmond before joining ScoutsInc. and ESPN.   Bengals Thought: McShay has the Bengals taking Washington cornerback Desmond Trufant in his latest mock draft and he […]

Draft Countdown: Day 22

In advance of this year’s draft and my upcoming book, here’s Day 22 of the countdown.   Did you know? Former Bengals tight end Reggie Kelly, who was drafted in the second round of the draft by the Atlanta Falcons, thought he might be selected by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and former head coach Tony […]