July 22, 2017

Think Different

By now you have read (or at least read about) the outstanding grades that the Bengals are receiving for their work in this year’s draft. They were able to find value picks that matched nicely with needs again and again. It was a wonderful thing to watch unfold. You may have noticed, however, that a […]

Draft Day 1: AFC North Edition

The Bengals did a solid, even if not glitzy, job with the first round of the draft. I also believe that, so far, they have done the best job within the AFC North. Do you agree?

Sortin’ Through The Pieces: AFC North

Before we complete this series leading up to the draft, it is worth a peak at the picks that the other teams in the division and where their picks are scheduled. Know your enemy!

Addition by Addition

The Bengals seem to have taken Mike Brown’s flea-market mentality into free agency, but the team is not settling for damaged goods. Some may argue otherwise, but let’s consider the consensus of the players they have acquired. None of them have been superstars and most of them have spent the early portions of their career […]

Roster Reaction: Free for BPA

Perhaps I’m the only one who has baby bottles all over the house and understands the wordplay in the headline. But I digress. Just as in many years before, the Bengals did not bring in a big name during free agency. Their roster moves couldn’t really be considered a splash, providing little more than minor […]

PFF: Bengals Needs

Pro Football Focus’ Gordon McGuinness (great name) checked in with his thoughts on Bengals’ needs this offseason. Click the image for the story. Clipped from: www.profootballfocus.com (share this clip)  

‘The Grin’ Is Gone!!

There are a number of professional sports players who irritate me like sand in the swim trunks. Tom Brady is chief among them. This usually happens with great players who play for teams I happen to dislike. But while plenty of guys irritate me, there are very few professional sports players that I genuinely hate. Hines […]

Ben Grubbs Will Likely Test The Market

The second biggest need for the Bengals to address this offseason is the offensive line, particularly the guard positions. A solid run blocking guard will elevate the running game — and by extension, the entire offense — immediately. The top free agent guards this year are NO’s Carl Nicks and Baltimore’s Ben Grubbs. As I […]

Why Glenn Makes More Sense than DeCastro

If you’re following the NFL Combine this weekend in Indianapolis, two offensive linemen have solidified their status as first-round prospects. Stanford guard Dave DeCastro has reportedly looked impressive with the on-field drills and Georgia’s Cordy Glenn has done pretty well with some of the athletic tests, running the 40-yard dash in 5.15 second and lifting […]

Why Pursuing Mike Wallace is Insane

In the past few days, Bengals nation and some media types have become aflutter with the possibility of Cincinnati making a move for Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace. Since the Steelers are tight against the salary cap, a deal could be structured that would make it difficult for Pittsburgh to bring Wallace back. However, because […]