August 16, 2017

I’ve got a feeling…

The first thing you have to know about me is I’m a teacher.  When the beginning of June comes I’ve got nothing but summer vacation on my mind.  That means camping trips with the family, days at the pool with my boys and plenty of trips to Ohio to visit the folks.  But even something […]

Tweet it Like Sunday Mornin

UPDATED: Good morning Bengals fans! Nothing like a Sunday morning on Gameday! I took to the Twitterverse this morning and asked for some of your predictions, here’s what most of you are saying.

Home Tweet Home

UPDATED: We love our Bengals here at, but even more we love fans of our site! Every Friday I’ve asked for people to submit their score/game predictions, so I wanted to know their thoughts on the Bengals home opener this Sunday vs. the dreaded 49ers. Here are some of the best responses from our […]

BengalFans Anonymous

If I know Bengals fans, then there is a small but vocal minority of fans beginning to red-line into thermo-emotional meltdown, ready to pounce on the Panic button and pulverize it. Odds are decent that you bumped into one of those guys since 7:20 Sunday evening who was howling like a siren. “This team is […]

From the mouth of Mike

Thanks to reader Lee, we have the words straight from the mouth of Mike Brown. See, Lee decided he no longer wanted his season tickets. A long time Bengal supporter with his cash, Lee finally said enough is enough. Rather than just throw the invoice in the trash, Lee sent a letter expressing his displeasure […]

WhoDeyFans on Facebook!

Are you a Facebook addict? Be sure to “Like” us at today. There you’ll find the latest blog posts, podcast episodes, and of course Bengal chatter amongst fellow fans.

Welcome to the new

WhoDeyFans has some exciting news! We have joined forces with some other great Bengals sites to continue to be the best Bengals fan site on the web. We now will offer a podcast thanks to the guys from We have the best Bengals writer around in Nate from StripeHype and more recently WhoDeyLive. Plus […]

Our Bengals Bus

If you don’t follow WhoDeyFans then you probably didn’t know that we own a Bengals bus that we take to Bengals games. Recently our license plates were up for renewal so we sprung for the custom Bengal plates.  Tell us what you think.     WhoDey  

A response to the Philadelphians – Frank Fitzpatrick

Great job Phillies, you beat a young Reds team and deserved to win.  This is a sports blog for the Cincinnati Bengals but I felt since this is a bye week I would respond to the article in the Philadelphia enquirer by Frank Fitzpatrick. He thought a little salt in the wound was necessary, so […]

An Open Letter to Bengals Fans

An extension of what Number 1 Fan said: If you booed Carson Palmer, not only are you an asshole, you’re an idiot. Here’s why: Carson Palmer is one of the biggest reason that the Cincinnati Bengals transformed from the worst team in the NFL (the 1990’s) to a year in and year out playoff contender. […]