July 20, 2017

The Tampa Bay Fan

Looking up fan photos has never been so depressing.  They are a sick twisted lot, wild and firey hair mixed with baby headed shoulder pads.  They look like a Raiders fan that fell through a ball pit filled a dozen care bear corpses and as the fan was caught on the tufts of care bear […]

The Browns Fan – Bag It

The Browns fans have a long history of shame and self loathing.  To express these feelings they cover their faces.  It’s become a tradition to our poor northern friends to continue cheering for a losing football team, so let’s sit back and enjoy a good laugh at their expense. These fans spent more money on […]

Bengals VS Browns @ Greenies w/ Fans

You already know that we’re trying to blow up Greenies this Sunday to watch the Bengals shut down the Browns.  What you may not know about are some of the sweet people that are going to be there.  These people are pretty famous, and this may be the only chance you get to meet them […]