June 24, 2017

Marvin Lewis to stay?

Based on some twitter action as well as a couple emails from someone who knows someone who has this friend that….   Marvin Lewis is expected to stay as head coach of the Bengals. I hope hope hope this is because he is allowed to roll through the facility like Ari Gold with a paintball […]

Either you want Marvin Lewis back or you don’t, but

You have to admit, the stand he is making with Mike Brown is awesome. He is essentially willing to leave a job where he is well paid because the owner is too stupid to get out of the teams way. He is calling for some major changes to a Bengals organization that has not changed […]

State of the Cincinnati Bengals heading into the offseason

There is still one more game to be played in the 2010 Bengals season.  It can be considered an important game I guess. The Bengals are going to want to beat the Ravens for the second time this season to complete a second consecutive sweep of the Ravens. Other than that, there really is nothing […]

New look Bengals?

    Come on Cincinnati, you have been here before.  You know, your team plays poorly all season then, out of nowhere, strings together a few wins just to show the fans that next season could be grand. Don’t buy it, unless changes are made (one in particular has to be the firing of Bob […]

Loser bowl anyone?

The one win Buffalo Bills are coming into town this weekend to face off against the 2 win Cincinnati Bengals.  I am going to forgo the usual “10 reasons to hate Buffalo” post because believe it or not, I have some dignity. Kicking another team / city when we have this pathetic excuse for a […]

Fire Bob Bratkowski

Fire Bob Bratkowski. It is time, after 10 seasons of mind numbingly bad performances it is time to cut ties with this offensive coordinator. Sure, you can go online and read about how James Walker thinks Bob is the second best coordinator in the division. But he is an idiot. Other talking head experts also […]