June 22, 2017

Free Agency: What’s Your Rating?

The Bengals stopped sitting on their hands and started making some moves in free agency with the acquisitions of Travelle Wharton and Jason Allen and the re-signing of Reggie Nelson. Like everyone else, I was disillusioned at first as other teams opened up the vaults for Robert Meachem, Carl Nicks, and Ben Grubbs, among others. […]

So Who Is The #2 WR?

The Bengals have a big hole opposite A.J. Green that needs to be filled. They need someone who can exploit opportunities when A.J. is double-covered. With the names we wanted to see fill that spot donning other uniforms (while the Bengals were sitting idly), the pickin’s are getting slim. We are now down to guys […]

Bengals In the Fray: Add OG & DB

The Bengals finally put their money where there proverbial mouth is yesterday, jumping into the free agent fray with both feet by bringing in two players at positions of need in guard Travelle Wharton and defensive back Jason Allen. Wharton, Carolina’s 3rd-round pick in the 2004 draft, has been a constant starter for the Panthers at […]


    So, we’re now 4 days into this thing called free agency, and the Bengals are still sitting on the sidelines.  Don’t get me wrong: I am not an advocate for overspending (even when you LEAD THE LEAGUE in cap space), but I would like to hear about more than simple “visits.”  Apparently PBS […]

Warning: Danger Ahead

I am not exactly happy with the path that the Bengals seem to be following in the start of free agency. Yes, that path was as predictable as a hangover after a bender. But just because I could call it doesn’t mean I like it. I suspect I am not alone.

Bengals Schedule Visits For Free Agents

Some teams roared off of the starting line like a Ferrari in yesterday’s start to free agency. Tampa Bay landed Carl Nicks, and San Diego snagged Robert Meachem, both names mentioned frequently by Bengals fans. Other names, like Cortland Finnegan, were quickly plucked off of the free agent supermarket shelves. The Bengals, however, have piled […]

Bengals Lead the League in Cap Space

  Today the NFL officially announced that the salary cap for 2012 with be 120.6 million dollars, which is only a slight increase of $200,000 from last year’s number. With the official ceiling set, the Bengals got some information that they can now use with the free agency period just 30 hours away. First, the […]

What’s The Plan, Mike?

I have to admit, I’m scratching my head. Not that being confused by Mike Brown’s tactics is anything new. About a month ago we got the all-too-predictable warning from Geoff Hobson that the Bengals would focus first on re-signing their own guys in free agency. This was certainly in part an effort by MB to […]

Offseason Wish List: Cake?

At this point in the offseason, virtually nothing has been settled. With the exception of a few contract extensions and some combine workouts, most everything is the same now as it was a few weeks ago. So it makes sense to ask the question now while the slate is clean. What do you want this […]

Editorial: Don’t Neglect Wide Receiver Position

  As the draft and free agency approaches, I know a lot of our attention will be focused on positions like running back, defensive back, and the interior offensive line, and for good reason.  These are the most glaring holes to fill, and with two first round picks in the draft these are the positions […]