July 25, 2017

It Will Be OK, I Promise

We go through this every year. The doors to the candy store burst open, and all the kids on the street flood the shop with gluttonous screams as they race toward the prizes of NFL Free Agency they have been dreaming of for months. Meanwhile, Bengals fans sit outside on the curb watching all of […]

Could The Read-Option Permanently Change The NFL?

I was listening to ESPN’s Mike & Mike discuss the possibility of the read-option run by RG3, Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick to change the way the game is play, and I got to wondering… is that a change you would like to see?

Media, Please Shut Up About The NFC East

I watched the NFL Network re-air the Bengals deliver the knock-out blow to the Steelers Wednesday night. The game was just as fun the second time, but far less stressful. During a commercial break, I saw NFLN’s blurb covering the QBs named to the Pro Bowl. (Because, you know, we fans care only about quarterbacks, […]

The Other Big Game This Week

Plenty has been said this week about the importance of the winner-makes-the-playoffs showdown for the Bengals when they face their arch-nemesis on their home turf in the bowels of Pittsburgh on Sunday. Steelers week is always exciting, but the added facets of both securing a playoff berth AND eliminating the Evil Empire from the playoffs […]

The New QB Era

Ten years ago, prevailing wisdom said that it was better for a Heisman-winning quarterback taken first overall to hold a clipboard for a year (or more) and sit behind a guy with less talent. Things sure have changed. The movement to start rookies — begun five years ago by the Falcons out of necessity — […]

Concussions Will Change the NFL

The NFL has to do something about the growing issue of concussions. Legally, they must show due diligence in addressing this problem as the medical community establishes links from concussions to issues later in life. And morally, it is the right thing to do. We don’t want the greats of the league resembling Mohammed Ali […]

Analyzing the Non-TD Call

The Baltimore Ravens didn’t beat the Bengals Sunday.  They survived, holding on to dear life to win the game by seven despite enjoying a 17-point cushion in the fourth quarter.  Despite most prognosticators giving the Bengals no chance, the game wasn’t decided until Andy Dalton was sacked of fourth-and-goal with 33 seconds remaining.  The topic garnering […]

Guy Smiley Frowning: Ward Gets DUI

This is not exactly Bengal-related, but as a card-carrying Stiller-hater, I was amused this morning to see TMZ’s report that Pittsburgh WR Hines Ward (AKA “Guy Smiley”) has been arrested for a DUI in his home state of Georgia. Steeler players should obviously avoid Georgia like the plague–just like Bengals players should avoid Kentucky. Ward […]

Happy 4th of July

Happy Birthday America! Have a safe and happy holiday from all of us here at Who Dey Fans. Enjoy a hot dog or two – or 60 if you’re Kobiyashi. Just don’t puke. Which means you should probably stay away from any game tapes of the 1990s. Other than that, enjoy your day.

If It’s Broken…Fix It

The statheads at FootballOutsiders.com recently released some interesting data on broken tackles – and it doesn’t bode well for the Bengals. The site logged tackles that were missed by players (either due to jukes or a failure to bring down the ballcarrier) and then compared the numbers across the league. Now, the stat is somewhat […]