July 25, 2017

News on the Labor deal

With the deadline for a deal approaching I wanted to revisit what we all hope happens.  A freaking deal gets done.  Every NFL site I read is focused on every tweet and morsel of news that has come out of the meetings.  We all know the real movement comes when the clock is ticking, so this week […]

Dance your tail off Hines

  Hey all you Steeler fans, it is time to dust off your ballet shoes and get to dancing with your favorite cheap shot artist Hines Ward. Finally maybe Hines will be noticed for his smiling while he is prancing around the stage trying to win some shitty dance contest that no one really cares […]

My Super Bowl prediction

For just a moment I am going to put my feelings for the Steelers and mostly the Steelers fans aside. You see, the Steelers are a great football team and it is because they are, from top to bottom, a great organization. Also, when the Steelers make it to the Super Bowl, they usually win. […]

Congrats Ohio State on a big bowl win for the state

  O-H-I-O!  Congrats Buckeyes, a good end to a good season. The Buckeyes finally slayed the beast that was the SEC.  The game looked like it was going to be a blowout but in the end it was a great game and fun to watch.    I find it funny that once again the media […]

They’re Playing For The Division Tonight

A Tale of a Photoshoot and a Goat Farm: Based On A True Story

This story starts with a simple fact; Hines Ward is lactose intolerant. You’ll need to remember that. Some years ago, when the Got Milk advertisement campaign was in full swing, Hines Ward walked into his house with an arm full of groceries as the phone was ringing. He rushed to the kitchen counter, dropped the […]

A Pre-Season Conversation Between Two Cleveland Browns Fans

Randy: Hey Mark, what’s going on? How’s life? Mark: Eh, it’s not so great. The wife left me, all of the pollution here is making me sick, LeBron James left and I think that I’m going to lose my job soon. Randy: Wow. That’s terrible, man. I’m so sorry to hear all of that. There’s […]