July 26, 2017

Bengals Make Bold Statement On Day 2

Positive or negative, there is sure to be plenty of reaction about the statement made by the Bengals’ war room on Day 2 of the 2012 draft. It is a statement we might expect to hear from a head coach that came up as a Defensive Coordinator: “You are not going to run on us!” In […]

Draft Day 1: AFC North Edition

The Bengals did a solid, even if not glitzy, job with the first round of the draft. I also believe that, so far, they have done the best job within the AFC North. Do you agree?

Double Dip Of Draft Lovin’

The Bengals were one of 5 teams to make two selections in the first round, which I think automatically puts them in the top 5 of the draft so far. (Even if the sports media largely ignores them.) I am inclined to give the first round a “B+” grade. Like most of you, there were […]

Round 1: Not Flashy But Solid

Adding Dre Kirkpatrick and Kevin Zeitler to the Bengals’ family is not going to win a lot of headlines. They picked too low to grab one of the true elite players, and the media is never going to gush over a guard. But winning the news cycle and winning NFL games are not the same […]

First Round Prognostications

We’ve finally made it!  After 3 full months of constant buzz, the 2012 NFL Draft is here.  Thank God.  Tonight we have round one, where the theoretically best 32 players will get picked.  From this group will come some busts, posers and a few kids with freakish ability but not ready for the spotlight.  It’ll […]

Draft Day Prognostication

Draft Day is finally here! In a few hours we will finally meet the newest class of Bengals, beginning tonight with two guys we hope to see be significant contributors for years to come. But before then, let’s take one more stab at who those guys might be.

Draft Focus: Orange and Black Crushes

As the draft approaches, there are a number of guys I’d like to see in orange and black. Many of them haven’t appeared in mock drafts or common speculation about Cincinnati’s targets. It’s fine by me. I suppose draft beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So without further ado, here are my crushes, […]

First Round What Ifs

Wild prediction: something crazy will happen on Thursday in the first round of the draft. There is no consensus past the top 6 players, so draft day insanity will being a couple of guys sliding down to the awaiting Bengals at #17. With the Bengals in a good position to draft the best player available, […]

It’s Draft Week Baby!

My gift to you, to help get you in the spirit of draft week! WHODEY!!!

Sortin’ Through The Pieces: AFC North

Before we complete this series leading up to the draft, it is worth a peak at the picks that the other teams in the division and where their picks are scheduled. Know your enemy!