June 26, 2017

Sortin’ Through The Pieces: Picks

The NFL Draft is less than a week away, and the Bengals find themselves in a better position than normal. No top 10 picks. Few gaping holes in the roster. There is a lot of flexibility in this draft, which means multiple strategies could be in play, whether in terms of picks or trades.

Sortin’ Through The Pieces: Defense

The Bengals made a number of free agent additions to the defense over the past month, but gauging how much better they have made themselves in the process is difficult. They added four guys who were drafted in the first round but dide not make the impact that was expected of them. If two of […]

PFT Tackles Bengals’ Draft Needs

Whether or not you like Mike Florio, you have to concede that he has put together one of the top NFL blogs on the interwebs. Last night he decided to weigh in with his thoughts on what positions the Bengals need to bolster through the draft. Do you agree with him? (Reading article not required […]

Sortin’ Through The Pieces: Offense

Now that Spring Break is over, break out your Andy Williams 8-track because it’s time to get ready for “the most wonderful time” of the offseason, the draft! We have feverishly poured over wish lists, and soon we will discover what gifts Mikey Claus will bring down the PBS chimney. The Bengals made a lot […]

On the Clock: Bengals

The analysts at the NFL Network take a look at what the Bengals might do with their duo of picks in the first round. I doubt that both will be used on defensive backs, and I honestly think the Bengals feel better about their young safeties than many believe. Thus, I think there’s a good […]

Roster Reaction: Free for BPA

Perhaps I’m the only one who has baby bottles all over the house and understands the wordplay in the headline. But I digress. Just as in many years before, the Bengals did not bring in a big name during free agency. Their roster moves couldn’t really be considered a splash, providing little more than minor […]

Offseason Wish List: Cake?

At this point in the offseason, virtually nothing has been settled. With the exception of a few contract extensions and some combine workouts, most everything is the same now as it was a few weeks ago. So it makes sense to ask the question now while the slate is clean. What do you want this […]

A.J. Green 2.0?

Last year, the Bengals drafted a wide receiver out of the state of Georgia. And this year, the Bengals might be looking at the psoition again, although most people expect it to be in the middle rounds or later. Enter Georgia Tech’s Stephen Hill. As many people across cyberspace have noted, Green is off to […]

Why Glenn Makes More Sense than DeCastro

If you’re following the NFL Combine this weekend in Indianapolis, two offensive linemen have solidified their status as first-round prospects. Stanford guard Dave DeCastro has reportedly looked impressive with the on-field drills and Georgia’s Cordy Glenn has done pretty well with some of the athletic tests, running the 40-yard dash in 5.15 second and lifting […]

Strategies for a Running Back

We have listed the roster needs for the Bengals a number of times: corner, guard, safety, running back, wide receiver, and a D-lineman. Successfully navigating free agency and the draft could allow the Bengals to move into the front seat in the sedan of the AFC North. As I was reading some articles about some […]