June 26, 2017

Congratulations, Ravens

As unexcited as I was about the teams participating in this year’s Super Bowl, congratulations are still in order to the winner. So here is a tip of the hat to the Baltimore Ravens, along with as many nice things as I can muster. (Sorry it isn’t a longer list.)

The New QB Era

Ten years ago, prevailing wisdom said that it was better for a Heisman-winning quarterback taken first overall to hold a clipboard for a year (or more) and sit behind a guy with less talent. Things sure have changed. The movement to start rookies — begun five years ago by the Falcons out of necessity — […]

Cleveland, You Make Me Laugh

I knew it would come. I just didn’t expect it to happen this fast. Four months ago I was upbraided by a throng of BoneHeads (Cleveland’s version of a cheese head) for questioning the Browns’ receivers and the wisdom of dumping yet another QB. I was colorfully informed that the sum total of all of […]

Panic! Run Around In Circles!

Forrest Gump said, “Stupid is as stupid does.” If we translate that into an NFL language, we would say, “the Browns are as the Browns do.” In today’s supplemental draft, the Browns picked up Baylor WR John Gordon, who was dismissed from the program last year after failing a drug test. In his sophomore season […]

Could Mike Wallace Be This Year’s DeSean Jackson?

Money makes the world go ’round, right? But sometimes money makes the football stop going ’round. There could be trouble afoot in the Steel City. Money, in the form of a restricted free agent tender offer, has pitted the cash-strapped Steelers franchise against its very productive young receiver, Mike Wallace, who clearly does not want […]

NFL Should Expand Rosters

I am on record as saying that the issue of concussions will change the nature of the game we know and love. And I still believe that. Hopefully the league and the players will be able to agree in how to bring changes that increase safety but keep fans interested in the product on the […]

NFL Expansion?

Last night Bob Costas interviewed NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, covering a wide range of topics. You can watch the 13-minute interview here, courtesy of NBC. One of the topics that came up was putting a team in LA. Bob wanted to consider which team would be the most likely to make the move.

Concussions As A Game Plan

Players putting a bounty on an opposing player is nothing new in the NFL. It isn’t “supposed” to happen, but plenty of former players over the years have admitted that it is done. So it is very little surprise that a team would target a player with a history of concussions for a repeat injury. […]

Weekend Of Upsets

We all love a good upset (unless it comes against the Bengals). And this weekend had plenty of them to enjoy. The playoff landscape made some big shifts in a span of 12 hours on Sunday, opening the window of possibility for the Bengals to play at least a 17th game this season.

Preseason Power Rankings Are Worth What They Cost

The endless lists of preseason power rankings hold all the predictive power of Johnny Carson as Carnac the Magnificent. And they are almost as funny. (If you are old like me, and it’s been too long, treat yourself.) I thought it would be worth a minute to look at just how accurate the collective football […]