June 24, 2017

Football Beats Politics

The President of the United States is commonly referred to as “the most powerful man in the world.” He’s got nothing on the NFL.

NFL Lockout un-locked?

If you have a twitter account and if you happen to follow anyone with an interest in the NFL, then you have probably been blasted with news ranging from “The lockout is over and players report when…” to “This is a power play by the owners to swing fan support…”. First, whether technically the lockout […]

This Year’s Free Agency: Supermarket Sweep?

Most of you are probably too manly to remember the 1990s game show Supermarket Sweep. Sadly, I’m not. The show’s final challenge ended with three teams making a mad dash through a supermarket to spend as much money as possible. Whoever spent the most, won. It was kind of like Daniel Snyder’s reign as owner […]

10 Days to NFL explosion!!!

Well not really and explosion, but there is a good chance that if no agreement is reached then the league will need to begin to alter the schedule.  Even a reduction in preseason games will cost the league hundreds of millions of dollars. Many teams will have to know the status of the agreement by […]

In Labor: Will I Kiss the Baby?

I’ve largely stayed out of the NFL’s labor dispute because if you’re like me, you’d rather not listen to two parties bicker over millions while you work to keep food on the table and the occasional beer in your refrigerator. But, it seems that the NFL and the league’s players are closing in on a […]

Entertaining Bengals Cards: David Fulcher

Entertaining Bengals Cards: Dave Lewis

This new feature is pretty simple. We find a Bengals football card that catches our attention and we pass it along. Up first is Dave Lewis, who I’ve never heard of. Apparently, he was a punter. But it’s pretty obvious he had a spectacular afro. Well done, Dave. Well done.

AFC North Top Dogs: Left Tackle

  With the lockout in place and a slow news cycle outside of Chad Ochocinco’s antics (is he entering the Rock-Paper-Scissors World Championship next?), I thought it might be interesting to take a look at the AFC North’s best players at some key positions. For each position, I’ll give my pick for the Top Dog […]

If It’s Broken…Fix It

The statheads at FootballOutsiders.com recently released some interesting data on broken tackles – and it doesn’t bode well for the Bengals. The site logged tackles that were missed by players (either due to jukes or a failure to bring down the ballcarrier) and then compared the numbers across the league. Now, the stat is somewhat […]


CincyJungle passed along a Twitter exchange from Chad Ochocinco and A.J. Green (which was slightly less offensive than the one by a beleaguered New York politician), in which the Ocho offered to work out with the Bengals newest rookie. Oh boy. While the Ocho has plenty to offer in terms of footwork and route-running, he’s […]