June 27, 2017

NFL Lockout un-locked?

If you have a twitter account and if you happen to follow anyone with an interest in the NFL, then you have probably been blasted with news ranging from “The lockout is over and players report when…” to “This is a power play by the owners to swing fan support…”. First, whether technically the lockout […]

10 Days to NFL explosion!!!

Well not really and explosion, but there is a good chance that if no agreement is reached then the league will need to begin to alter the schedule.  Even a reduction in preseason games will cost the league hundreds of millions of dollars. Many teams will have to know the status of the agreement by […]

State of the Bengals in the offseason

There really is no news about the Bengals.  As many of the sports fans in Cincinnati have shifted their focus to the Red hot Reds it is important to follow the things that will affect the Bengals the most.   1. Who is going to play Qb? 2. When will the lockout end?   The […]

The arrogance of the NFL

Ok fans, the NFL and (former) NFLPA has spoken and they said loud and clear: YOU DON’T MATTER.     I am not going to dig too deep into the issues, we all know what is going on. The base line of the whole thing is that these two groups feel that they are so […]

NFLPA files for decertification in Minnesota

Per twitter, it seems the players have filed for decertification.  What does this mean in lay terms? Really, it is posturing so that the players union as a group can not be locked out by the owners.   I have said many times, the fans are the only real losers in this battle.  So now, […]