July 25, 2017

Week Six Hit List

Another disappointing Sunday has the Bengals down-right reeling.  After losing at home to the 1-3 Dolphins, (and a week of talk about how “angry” they were about it), the Bengals proceeded to go to Cleveland and lose to an 0-5 team (on an 11-game losing streak) by 10 points. And it was ugly. Not San […]

Week Five Hit List

The Bengals lost a game they couldn’t afford to lose.  I know that we as fans can sometimes overreact to a loss.  The Bengals made the playoffs last year at 9-7 after all, and the eventual Super Bowl Champion Giants also finished the regular season with some head-scratching losses and a 9-7 mark.  The bottom […]

Five Keys: Week Four Postmortem

Sunday’s win in Jacksonville was the most convincing yet for the Bengals, and to me it showed a great deal of growth for the club.  Despite being down four cornerbacks and facing perhaps the best running back in football, the Bengals completely shut down the Jaguars in Jacksonville.  3-1 sure feels good. Let’s see how the […]

Week Three Hit List

I hope you will forgive me as I know I’m a little late with this week’s hit list (by 3 days).  My “regular” job sometimes requires me to travel to far-off exotic lands where people speak in strange tongues and practice odd customs.  This week it was New Jersey.  Anyway, the Bengals won a very strange […]

Five Keys: Week Three Postmortem

  No matter how it may be achieved, victory in the NFL is hard to come by, and each one is sweet.  Such was the case last Sunday as our Queen City Cats, 3.5 point underdogs, went into FedEx field with its 80,000 screaming RGIII fanatics.  The 38-31 triumph was a heck of a game […]

Week Two Hit List

That breeze that blew through Bengaldom this week wasn’t a tornado, but a collective sigh of relief as the team managed to—just barely—beat an outmanned and outgunned Browns squad at PBS in the home opener.  The Bengals were able to win the game while allowing rookie Brandon Weeden to put up 322 yards passing, and […]

Five Keys: Week Two Postmortem

Well, despite the ongoing defensive deficiencies (and boy are there), the Bengals did manage to win the game on Sunday, and that feels a heck of a lot better than last week. Still, there are glaring problems on the defense.  Ironically, the defense was supposed to carry the offense, but Sunday it was the offense […]

A Painful End

In the end, the Bengals unfortunately proved what many had said:  They weren’t quite ready for this.  The Texans were, and won going away, 31-10. The Bengals proved they couldn’t stop the Texans running game, and they proved their offense couldn’t put up points in a loud, hostile playoff environment. The defense that had been first […]

Bengals Fall 24-16, Back Into Playoffs

The Bengals fell to the Ravens, 24-16 today, in a game they needed to win to secure a playoff spot. With their playoff future on the line, they were unable to stop Ray Rice, and fell to 1-7 against teams with a winning record. It was a big game failure that’s all too familiar for […]

Bengals Survive Cards; Control Their Destiny Again

Thank God for Early Doucet’s two left feet. The Cardinals wide-out was mystifyingly left uncovered on fourth down with 1:11 left in the game and dashed into the end zone where QB John Skelton had lofted a perfect pass, but Doucet tripped over his own feet at the goal line, and the pass fell incomplete, […]