June 22, 2017

Bengals “Must” Moves

NFL.com’s Steve Wyche looks at 10 moves that need to be made before the 2011 season (assuming, of course, there is one). And the retention of Bengals Cedric Benson and Johnathan Joseph made the list. Of the two, I think Joseph is more important. True, the Bengals also have the Artist formerly known as Pac […]

Failing Chemistry

  A few days ago, Tank Johnson talked about the failed chemistry experiment that was the Cincinnati Bengals 2011 roster. It shouldn’t have surprised anyone that adding Terrell Owens to a mix that already included Chad Ochocinco could make things toxic. Well, that’s precisely what happened, and it appears that Carson Palmer was poisoned in […]

Scouting Reports: Carson vs. Dalton

NFL.com’s Bucky Brooks looks at the Bengals’ options at quarterback this season. (It’s interesting to note that Jordan Palmer and Dan LeFevour were not mentioned). I think it’s fairly obvious that Carson Palmer gives the Bengals the best chance to win, but his level of commitment makes things a little murky. This one doesn’t seem […]

Ochocinco Dundee

Since Cincinnati’s resident reality star/ballroom dancer/bull rider/soccer player has tweeted about snake wrangling, YahooSports’ Doug Farrar compiled a list of other possible misadventures for Chad Ochocinco. Personally, I think he could have a pretty good showing on ABC’s Wipeout. What do you think? What should the Ocho do next? (Besides of course, hopefully running the […]

Best Video Game Bengal?

As of now, the only pro football being played is on your favorite video game console. Which got me to thinking – and that’s always dangerous. Who is the best video game Bengal? In Madden 11, it was Johnathan Joseph at 93 and Leon Hall at 92. Chad Ochocinco checked in at a 91 and […]

Chris Collinsworth accepts coaching position

Former Bengals wide receiver and current NFL analyst Chris Collinsworth has accepted a position as an unpaid wide receivers coach in northern Kentucky at Highlands High school where his son Jac plays. When stating his reason for doing this he states: “I am so convinced that the NFL will not start on time, that I have […]

Should A.J. Green Start?

James Walker put up an interesting poll recently, asking Bengals fans who should start opposite A.J. Green. But I think Walker is getting ahead of himself. I don’t think Green should start. Not right away anyway. I saw enough from the Jerome Simpson-Andre Caldwell games down the stretch last season to give them both starting […]

A Study in Moot Points

ESPN.com’s James Walker looks at what Carson Palmer might be worth on the trading market. Walker estimates he’s worth about a second-rounder. But the funny thing is, I still don’t see Mike Brown trading Palmer this year (even if Carson already sold his house). Perhaps Palmer will follow through on his retirement threat, but I […]

Ochocinco Gets a Quick Buck

Benson on Palmer’s Return

Make sure to read between the lines here, as many media types have not. Benson doesn’t want Palmer back if he’s not motivated. Ced – and me too – would both take Palmer back if his fire is rekindled.