June 28, 2017

5 Most Important Bengals

Zac Jackson from FoxSportsOhio provided his five most important Bengals. Jackson gave more in-depth explanations for each of his picks, but for simplicity sake, I’ll just give you the list: 5. A.J. Green 4. Carlos Dunlap 3. Rey Maualuga 2. Leon Hall 1. Carson Palmer   I’m okay with most of this list, but I […]

Youth Movement Debate

The NFL Network crew debates the Bengals’ new youth movement. Click here for the video.

Where Goes Ochocinco? And Who Stays and Plays?

It’s widely assumed Chad Ochocinco won’t be a Bengal next season. It’s also widely assumed that the Bengals will get next to nothing in trade value, given the way they have bungled their handling of him. The only question left is where Chad will play next season. NFL.com’s Jason La Canfora looks at the Raiders, […]

The Carson Conundrum Continues…

Even though there’s no official football with the lockout in effect, the Carson Palmer saga continues to make news. Today, Marvin Lewis said that Palmer remains the starting quarterback when he returns. And Cedric Benson reportedly tweeted that Palmer could be a detriment if he returns and he’s not into it. While that might be […]

Doug Farrar Shares My Brain

I think Carson Palmer should come back in 2011. I think the team should welcome him back. And I think Mike Brown isn’t going to trade him anyway, so Palmer will have to retire if he refuses to suit up this season. Doug Farrar shares my thoughts in a column for YahooSports. Farrar argues that […]

Thornton: What Now?

Roster Care

Even after the draft, the Bengals have some significant holes on their roster and will need to fill in as many as they can once free agency (whatever form it takes) begins. Geoff Hobson looks at some of the biggest questions. Here are my thoughts on a few of them. Quarterback:  I still think the […]

Marvin on the Draft

The NFL Network got Marvin Lewis’ reaction to the Bengals draft. Click here for the video.

Recipe for Disaster

I’ve already attempted to tap the brakes on the Andy Dalton starting-quarterback bandwagon, but the thing keeps chugging along. So let me do my best to pull the emergency brake. It’s widely accepted that rookie quarterbacks need time to adjust to the NFL game. The game is faster. The plays are more complex. The reads […]

QB Grades