June 26, 2017

Best Draft?

Rebuilding Project

The NFL Network looks at the rebuilt Bengals offense. The biggest remaining questions are how quickly will Andy Dalton and A.J. Green play? And where will Chad Ochocinco and Carson Palmer play next? Click here for the video.

Bengals Still Working

The Bengals ownership might have locked out its players, but some of them are still working. Here’s some video evidence. Hopefully, they’ll still have a reason to be in shape once September arrives.

Friday Top Five: Reasons Not to Trade Palmer Now

Most people figure Carson Palmer is worthless now that Andy Dalton is around. I don’t. So here are my five best reasons to not trade Carson Palmer right now: 1. He still gives the Bengals the best chance to win in 2011. 2. There’s uncertainty about the 2012 draft, both in terms of rookie wages […]

Cinco De Mayo Free for All!

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, and everything else that makes the month of May memorable, we’re going free all month. That’s right. Gratis. You’ll get all the content you want – even the previously-blocked stuff – completely for free. Now grab a sombrero and a senorita and let’s celebrate. Fiesta! Hit the […]

John Thornton Draft Analysis

Don’t Sleep on Finley

    Most people consider seventh-round picks as virtual throwaways, players who are drafted who might soon be off the roster. Occasionally, some magic happens, and a productive player emerges from the edges of Mr. Irrelevant. Maybe Baylor’s running back Jay Finley is that player. Maybe. Bengals running backs coach Jim Anderson has a pretty […]

Kirwan: Bengals Should Reconsider Hard Line

  Up to this point, Bengals owner Mike Brown has taken a hard line against Carson Palmer’s trade request. Brown has been saying that Palmer can play for the Bengals in 2011 or he can retire. There’s no middle ground. NFL.com’s Pat Kirwan thinks the Bengals may want to reconsider, citing Palmer’s trade value because […]

Andy Dalton Draft Reaction

Jenn Brown is in this clip. I think Andy Dalton might be too.

Tread Lightly

If you enjoy a good bit of torture, ESPN.com’s James Walker has a good recap of Cincinnati’s disastrous history with quarterbacks. Tread lightly Mr. Dalton. A minefield awaits.